5 Good Reasons to go Sober for October

We *kind of* know that alcohol is bad for us, but do we know in how many ways? In the spirit of Sober October, or OcSober, we share with you some pretty convincing reasons to ban alcohol from your life for a month (or longer, if you wish). Read on to potentially change your life for the better.

After some diligent research, here are the top 5 reasons why banning alcohol from your system can be good for you:


1. You’ll sleep better and have more energy

Drinking alcohol can interrupt your normal sleeping patterns, according to a recent study on alcoholism. Oh, and another review of 27 alcohol studies found that although alcohol can help you fall asleep quickly and deeply at first, it can seriously reduce your sleep quality after that initial restful period, which is why you usually wake up sleepy or exhausted the next day rather than more refreshed and sharp. Taking a break from alcohol will enable you to get better quality, uninterrupted sleep.

If you sleep better, you’ll have more energy the next day. Not only that, better sleep improves mood, concentration and mental performance, making you more productive and alert for your daily routine. Not to mention you’ll have more time to actually do things if you’re not in bed suffering from a hangover.


2. You’ll lose weight easier

Just 1 to 2 alcoholic drinks can halt your weight loss. Not only is alcohol high in caloric value, they can also be high in sugar content and carbohydrates – three major triggers for weight gain. One glass of beer has up to 150 calories, and a glass of red wine has about 130 calories. Even “low carb beer” has 110 calories, with light beer having just a little bit less at about 94 calories.

And of course, you would’ve heard of the term “beer belly”. Alcohol actually mobilises insulin, a fat-storing hormone, which can lead to the production of fat cells around the middle.

Cutting down on alcohol can help you cut down your daily calorie intake as well as sugar intake and make weight loss easier. You will not only be consuming less, you’ll also be saving your waistline and all that effort at the gym will not be for nothing.


3. Your skin will get better

Within a few days, you’ll notice your skin looking and feeling more hydrated. That’s because alcohol is a diuretic and a toxin that makes you go to the loo more often, and decreases the body’s production of an antidiuretic hormone, which helps the body reabsorb water. Alcohol also makes your kidneys work harder and your liver has to go into overtime to break it down. These all lead to dehydration, which can cause dry skin as well as other problems. By stopping alcohol intake, your skin will begin to feel more hydrated and other skin conditions – such as dandruff, eczema, and rosacea – may also improve.

4. You become healthier

Your liver will begin to rejuvenate and repair itself in as little as two months, and you’ll notice a dramatic improvement to your skin and eyesight, too! Your mood also starts to improve – alcohol is actually a depressant, and those dreaded hangover blues are a direct effect of alcohol on your brain chemistry. See what happens to your body when you drink.

Other than that, stopping your alcohol consumption can reduce your risks to certain illnesses. According to the National Cancer Institute, alcohol use has been linked to an increased risk for cancers of the mouth, liver, breast, colon and rectum. This risk increases the more you drink. Moderate drinking can also carry risks for some people. For women, any amount of drinking appears to be associated with an increased breast cancer risk.


5. You’ll save money and re-evaluate your view of drinking

A night out drinking could easily set you back a few hundred dollars, depending on how much and where you drink. But even a couple of beers a week at home equates to a huge amount if you are a regular drinker. Breaking the habit of drinking alcohol  enables you to adopt a much more balanced approach to your alcohol intake. The money saved from buying alcohol can be used elsewhere such as on a nice dinner or a special gift to yourself or a loved one. And of course, you won’t have to worry about drink driving!

More importantly, breaking the drinking habit can help you re-evaluate your view of drinking, not just about how much it costs but how it can change your life for the better in terms of mind, body, and soul.


Bonus Reason!

Take the OcSober challenge and help Aussie kids! Sign up with OcSober to raise funds and you could help Life Education empower 700,000 Aussie kids to live a life free from drug and alcohol misuse.

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