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Alcohol Facts: How Alcohol Travels Through our Body after Consumption

Recently, we talked about the effects of alcohol on the mind and body. Today, we will discuss more alcohol facts by knowing how it travels in our system.

We usually drink alcohol without knowing how our body actually processes it. This is mainly why we don’t understand how frequent drinking affects us. We do know that when we drink too much alcohol, we will get drunk. However, how does it happen as alcohol travels through our body?


Source: Total DUI

The Alcohol Journey

It’s a Friday night or a family gathering, you pick up that glass of wine or that can of beer, whichever is available on the counter. You drink it and then then the alcohol passes your esophagus and then through the stomach. It’s never a good idea to drink without a decent meal as alcohol passes directly to the blood stream, this means you getting drunk faster than those who had their meals.

Then, roughly 20% of your wine or beer is now absorbed through the stomach. Alcohol then goes through the small intestines where small blood vessels carry it to the blood stream–this is where the 80% goes. The liver then processes the alcohol by breaking it down. Now, knowing this helps us understand how we stay sober or get drunk.

Understand that our liver can process an ounce of liquor (or one standard drink) in an hour. This means that when you drink more wine or beer in an hour, the alcohol in your system will accumulate, this may cause you to get drunk faster and may result in higher blood alcohol concentrations lasting for several hours.

Lastly. after about an hour or so, alcohol is carried to every organ in your body. You will start to feel warmer, your blood pressure lower, and your pulse rate slower. This is also where you start to feel wobbly as your motor skills are impaired. If you brought a car to that party, it is just about the perfect time to decide stay the night or ask someone to drive you home. More or less, by using a breathalyser, you can confirm that your BAC will be way beyond the legal limit of 0.05 and you are most likely to get into an accident.

Alcohol Facts: Interactive Body

For more alcohol facts on how alcohol affects our body, check out this visual interactive body!



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Alcohol and You: An Interactive Body

Virtually every organ system is affected by alcohol. Drinking in moderation may cause problems to one's body, and drinking heavily over the years can cause irreversible damage. However, most diseases caused by excessive drinking can be prevented.

Click on one of the organs in the interactive body to find out more!

If you have trouble using the interactive feature below or Javascript is disabled, view this page for a list of alcohol's effects on the body.