All Andatech Workplace Breathalysers now come with a 5 year guarantee!

Andatech now offers a 5-year guarantee on all handheld workplace breathalysers, with 12-monthly calibrations being the main requirement for owners to validate this warranty.

Previously, Andatech handheld workplace breathalysers came with a standard 1 year manufacturer's guarantee. In order to extend their warranty up to 5 years, owners were required to calibrate their breathalysers every 6 months, following Australian Standards AS3547 guidelines.

This condition for calibration has now been updated to every 12 months following the manufacturer's calibration guidelines. This is because not all companies or breathalyser owners required their units to be calibrated every 6 months following Australian Standards' requirements.

"Our aim has always been to provide the best service to our customers. After receiving positive feedback on our personal breathalysers' Lifetime Guarantee, we wanted to extend the same benefits to our workplace breathalyser customers but without the 6-monthly calibration restriction," Andatech CEO, Mr Irwandy Tan, said.

The new guarantee will not only cover labour but also parts, including the breathalyser's internal components such as the screen, sensors, and built-in accessories such as the printer and GPS. Another benefit for customers is that the guarantee is fully transferable should the breathalyser be sold to another user.

All handheld workplace breathalysers purchased from Andatech beginning April 2019 are eligible to receive the 5 year guarantee as long as calibration requirements are met and the breathalyser is registered on the My Andatech system with its proof of purchase.

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