Andatech to work closely with Forest Hill to increase awareness on alcohol and drug abuse

The Andatech team had the honour of a meeting with Forest Hill MP Neil Angus and his associate, Tina, today at our office in Vermont, Victoria.

The meeting was to discuss how Andatech and Forest Hill could work together to address the issue of alcohol and drug abuse in society.

During the meeting, Andatech’s director, Mr. Irwandy Tan, shared how the company started, its current projects and its future plans.

Further discussions addressed how Andatech would continue to work closely with the local council and community to raise awareness of alcohol and drug abuse, which has increasingly become an issue within our society.

“There’s been a rise in drug abuse recently, and not only of alcohol and illicit drugs,” Mr. Tan said, “Legally prescribed drugs such as painkillers are increasingly becoming misused as well.”

“This becomes an issue not only for the community but also for workplace safety, especially when abuse of legal drugs are not addressed properly.”

The Australian government has been taking action recently with local councils, schools and services to combat the scourge of illicit drugs starting from a local level.

Mr. Angus shared his hopes with us that we would continue to be in the area in future, to grow and further develop a close relationship to address alcohol and drug abuse.

Andatech is proud to be working closely with the local council to address drug and alcohol abuse in our community. Follow us on social media as there’ll be more updates to come!

Michael D'Angelo

Michael's passion and background in marketing, research, mental health awareness, and youth brings in a fresh perspective to the team. From his degree in marketing, Michael is aware how easily one may fall prey to advertising and peer pressure- enabling him to write dedicated content about specific topics pertaining to youth, and alcohol and drug usage.