Birthday Drinks

It was my birthday last week. We had a gathering, a party if you like, there were friends, family, hangeroners’ and after learning my lesson a few weeks ago, the latest addition to my family…my breathalyser, I call it Ana for short (Breath ANAlyser).

It lives a farily sedate life, living in my glove box, and only sees the light of day to perform its duty, which is generally to analyse the blood alcohol content (BAC) on the spot. When out with my family and the crowd, all i need to do is whip this thing out and it gets passed around to everyone who thinks they may be over the legal driving limit (.05%).

That aside, it was a great night, lots of memories… did not end up driving home, I should not have opened that 3 bottles of red, but hey… When you are over the legal limit, you would be a fool to think you won’t get caught by the police. I love my breathalyser, but when you go too far, they are pointless, at which point we would hope common sense would kick in.

- Andrew Smith, Andatech