Breathalysers in Pubs and Bars

Should bars and pubs in Australia install breathalysers to test their patrons?

In the Gold Coast, there are plans to allow police to breath test bar patrons to see how drunk they are, with the results used to build a case against venues, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported recently.

Licensed venues in the Gold Coast could risk fines of up to $56,000 for serving intoxicated patrons, if this new law is passed.

The QLD state government is still in the planning stages for this law and other measures, but the plans are due to be put in place by November 2015.

This mirrors the move in Birmingham (UK) earlier this year, where more than 40 bars, pubs and clubs signed up to the scheme to breathalyse bar patrons before entry, as reported by The Independent Newspaper UK.

Anyone found to be already drunk would be turned away in an effort to reduce fights, crime and disorder during the weekend.

In 2013, a trial of breath testing people on entry in Norwich was found to reduce the number of incidents by a third.

UK police said the rise of “pre-loading” for a cheaper night out was creating a vicious cycle where clubs losing money put on drinks promotions that lead to more drunkenness.


The plan to allow police to breathalyse patrons has been slammed by Gold Coast bar owners who say staff will have no way of knowing a person’s blood-alcohol level before they are served.

However, with breathalysers already being installed in bars and pubs around Melbourne thanks to Andatech’s own bar breathalyser initiative, bar owners should have little excuse.

Since mid-2014, Andatech has been actively installing breathalysers in licensed venues around Melbourne in a shared profit initiative to not only help local venues increase their revenue, but also assist them in improving Responsible Service of Alcohol.

With the AlcoSense Soberpoint II breathalyser installed in these venues, participating bars have an accurate and reliable method of testing their patrons’ BAC at any time.


“Many customers have actually enjoyed using the machine, but also educates them on their intoxication levels at the same time,” says Mr Naylor from On Top Bar (pictured above) in Melbourne, one of the participating licensed venues in the Andatech bar breathalyser initiative.



“The breathalyser has been a good asset to the bar, used by many. It’s great to ensure the safety and wellness of our customers,” adds Regan Lamble from the St Kilda Sports Club (pictured above), who also installed an AlcoSense Soberpoint II breathalyser in their club as part of the initiative.

“The response has been enormously positive, especially as we offer free servicing, no contracts, and a lifetime guarantee with the units,” says Pedro Pessoa from Andatech, who directly overlooks the initiative.

The Soberpoint II has been installed in more than 20 venues in Melbourne and Victoria, with the most recent additions being Players on Lygon St and four Soberpoint II units in the Medallion Club at Etihad Stadium.

The initiative by Andatech continues to receive positive feedback from bar owners, staff and patrons for its ease of use and its role in curbing intoxication among bar goers.

“If more licensed venues were to install a bar breathalyser, it’d definitely negate the need for law enforcement to come in to do the testing – it makes a great case against it,” Mr Pessoa added.

“If we take the initiative to use the breathalysers at the venues to monitor our own drinking, there should be no need for law enforcement to breath test patrons at bars and clubs.”


If you’re interested in getting one installed at your local licensed venue, fill in the interest form online.