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Breathalyzer Comparison – AlcoSense Pro vs AlcoLimit Enforcer 2

A breathalyser can be a valuable purchase to ensure your personal safety and the safety of others, but the first step of choosing a breathalyser can often be difficult.

We’ve simplified the process for you by comparing two personal breathalysers that are ideal for first time buyers. Continue reading to learn more.

The AlcoSense Pro Breathalyser and the AlcoLimit Enforcer 2 may look similar but they have some differences in terms of features.

We have listed the standard features in the table below for both breathalysers:

AlcoSense Pro Breathalyser vs AlcoLimit Enforcer 2 Breathalyser


AlcoSense Pro

Alcolimit Enforcer 2*
Sensor Type

Australian Standard AS3547 Certified
CE Approval
DOT Approval
FDA Approval

Australian Standard AS3547 Certified

BAC Indication

Normal Mode: 0.00 – 0.40 %BAC
Fast Mode: ‘Zero’, ‘Low’ and ‘Hi’

Normal Mode: 0.00 – 0.40 %BAC
Fast Mode: ‘0’ and ‘Hi’


+/- 0.01 at 0.05% BAC

+/- 0.01 @ 0.10%BAC

Display Type

Back-lit LCD with 2 decimal places

Back-lit LCD with 2 decimal places

Warm Up Time

Within 80 seconds or less

< 1 minute

Response Time

Fast Mode: 3 second
Normal Mode: 5 seconds

Fast Mode: 3 seconds
Normal Mode: 6 seconds

Recycle Time

10 seconds

3 – 60 seconds


5 mouthpieces supplied

5 mouthpieces supplied

Continuous Usage

Over 200 times

Over 200 times

Power Supply

Two 1.5V “AA” Alkaline batteries

Two 1.5V “AA” Alkaline batteries


105g with batteries

115g with batteries

Dimensions (mm)

137H × 73W × 44D

137H x 73W x 44D

Extra Features

Auto Power off
Flow error technology
Battery low indication

Flow control technology
Intelli-sensor recognition technology


3 years up to a Lifetime under the AlcoSense Guarantee

1 year

Calibration Frequency

Professional Use: Every 200 uses
Personal Use: 6-12 months
or every 200 uses

Professional Use: 1-3 months
Personal Use: 6-12 months
or every 200 uses

Calibration In-House Calibration $45 (Responsibility for calibration is ours) Self-replaceable pre-calibrated sensor $49.50 (Responsibility for calibration is yours)
In-House Calibration $49.50
*Information presented was taken from the AlcoLimit website.

In terms of similarities, both units are suitable for personal use as well as low-volume professional testing, and both have been tested rigorously to Australian Standards.

In terms of differences, the AlcoLimit Enforcer has a quicker warm up time compared to the AlcoSense Pro, but the AlcoSense Pro provides three BAC indications in Fast mode, whereas the AlcoLimit Enforcer only provides two. Additionally, the AlcoSense Pro has a quicker response time (time taken to provide you with a reading) and a quicker recycle time (time needed before a re-test).

The AlcoSense Pro’s accuracy is +/- 0.01 at 0.05% BAC whereas AlcoLimit claims that the Enforcer’s accuracy is +/- 0.01 @ 0.10%BAC. Based on these figures, the AlcoSense Pro has a better accuracy than the AlcoLimit Enforcer.

Another major difference between the two is the calibration needed. Calibrating your breathalyser regularly is important to maintain its accuracy and reliability.

The AlcoLimit Enforcer 2 can be calibrated when needed using a self-replaceable pre-calibrated sensor. This means that you can buy and keep pre-calibrated sensors for later use, and open up the unit yourself to replace the internal sensor when needed.

On the other hand, the AlcoSense Pro Breathalyser requires in-house calibration every 6 months or 200 uses. This means that the unit is sent back to our office and is checked thoroughly by our technician before being cleaned and recalibrated for accuracy. This ensures that no damage will be unknowingly done to the internal parts of the breathalyser, and that all dirt or alcohol residue on the inside of the breathalyser unit is removed.

Getting your breathalyser calibrated in-house is always better because our technician will specifically calibrate your breathalyser in accordance with Australian Standards regulation and ensure that the specified accuracy of the device is maintained.

Josephine Gan

As our Customer Service Manager, Josephine has a great understanding of people- which is not surprising, given that her major is in Psychology. She is able to transfer her friendly demeanour into our safety and support related posts for our products, as well as to provide information on drinking and how it may affect your health.