Driving Interstate

Two weeks ago, we were in Sydney to meet some resellers and run two expos – the MasterChef Live 2012 expo and a Costco Roadshow for the Juicepresso. Here are our highlights from the trip and thoughts on our experience driving interstate.


We picked up the car from RACQ in Brisbane and drove down to Sydney to meet the rest of the team to prepare for the two expos. In Sydney, there was only five of us and we had to run two events with just one car.

Everything went smoothly thanks to the collaboration and excellent teamwork from everyone. A big challenge for us, however, was driving interstate. Tony had to drive alone from Melbourne to Brisbane, whereas me, Nathan and Andy drove from Brisbane to Sydney to Melbourne.

Our experience driving interstate on this trip reminded us of one very important thing: to always stay aware.

Even though we were all experienced drivers, driving when we were tired meant that we lacked the full attention and focus needed when driving long distances. We realised just how risky our driving was when the Mobileye alerted us several times that we had drifted out of our lanes or went over the speed limit.

The Mobileye’s Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Speed Limit Indication (SLI) features were integral to us driving safely. The LDW would alert us  every time it detected that we left our lane without indicating, and the SLI feature automatically picked up speed signs along the way and alerted us if we were driving over the speed limit.

At night, it was even harder to stay totally focused on the road as we would be driving in pitch black, sometimes with no vehicles around us at all. The Mobileye’s Intelligent High Beam Control (IHC) feature was the most convenient thing at this time – it detected oncoming traffic efficiently and automatically switched the car’s high beams on and off without any issues.


It takes just a moment of broken concentration for an accident to happen. Without the Mobileye, I don’t know how three exhausted guys could’ve driven back safely.

When 30% of severe single vehicle crashes in rural areas involve the driver being fatigued, there is a great need for Advanced Driver Awareness System (ADAS) like the Mobileye to help drivers stay aware on the road. It was of great assistance to have Mobileye installed on the car we drove home. I like that what we sell at Andatech can benefit everyday life.

Find out more about the Mobileye’s features from drivesense.com.au.