Info Visualisation of the Week: Alcohol and Young People


Alcohol is a norm in Australia and a very popular social activity, but not many of us know what it’s made of, how it’s classified, and how it affects us. Alcohol is considered a recreational drug in Australia, and though it can be accessed legally by adults over 18, it has been found that many young people have consumed alcohol by the age of 14, getting them from their parents and friend’s parents.

This video infographic, produced by VicHealth with the support of the Department of Health and the Australian Drug Foundation, provides us with some information on young people and alcohol, highlighting the problems Australia is facing with teen drinking, some astounding statistics (such as 88.9% of Australians over 14 have used alcohol, much higher than the percentage of teens who have used other drugs such as tobacco, cannabis, and ecstasy), and how we can help to educate young people about alcohol.

Check out the video to find out more about alcohol and young people, and how you can help prevent harm among young people who drink. And do share this if you found it useful – you can help others, too.



Original Source: Young people, alcohol and preventing harm