Infographic of the Week: The Biology of a Hangover

A hangover can be just as dangerous as being drunk. After a night of drinking, you may still be under the effects of acetaldehyde poisoning, a byproduct of alcohol metabolism, even if you may no longer have alcohol in your system.

Learn more about hangovers in the infographic below.

A hangover can be just as risky to your ability to perform certain tasks but cannot be tested for by a breathalyser, which is why it’s always safer not to drive or work (especially if yours is a high risk occupation) if you are suffering from a hangover.

This is why in his interview on alcohol and drug testing policy tips, Andrew suggests that companies include in their OH&S training how to identify a hangover and policies on actions to be taken when an employee is found to have these symptoms.

The infographic below shows some common signs and symptoms of hangovers. The next time you have a hangover, consider carefully before you decide to drive or go to work.