Interesting Facts on Alcohol Consumption by Country (Infographic)

Wine, beer, and spirits are so popular over the world that each country actually has their own unique drink and blend. Some countries love drinking so much they even made to the top alcohol drinkers list in the world. Recently, we brought you effects of too much drinking on the mind and body, and how alcohol travels through the body. Today, we discuss a few interesting facts on alcohol consumption by country. See the series of infographics below:


Alcohol Consumption by Country

The first infographic shows the total alcohol consumed per country. Reports from the World Health Organisation show that Britain has the most number of litres consumed per year. The colour-coded map shows the amount of pure alcohol consumption by an average citizen aged 15-year-old and over. The darker areas show higher litres of consumption, the lighter show otherwise.



Wine Consumption per Person

The following infographic shows how the world consumes their wine. Click, drag, and hover the interactive map to see the country, the total number of wine litres consumed annually per person, and other information.  The map shows the level of consumption per country and per capita, countries with a darker colour drink the most, areas in lighter colours drink the least.



Most Alcoholic Drinks in the World

Not all alcoholic drinks are created equal, some are made stronger, others are made less. Alcoholic drinks have different effects on a person, some of the drinks listed below leave no trace of what happened the night before. For all you know, you drink on a street in Melbourne and you may wake up in Sydney without no memory of how you got there. Remember the movie Hangover? Those scenarios are highly possible with these most alcoholic drinks in the world.




Alcohol Dependent Countries

Wine Consumption per Capita