King's Transport Uses Andatech for Drug & Alcohol Testing

Lindsey Borthwick, Safety Coordinator for Kings Transport in Western Australia, said Kings are nationally conducting dozens of drug and alcohol tests on drivers every week from its transport hubs using Andatech's testing kits.

“The Prodigy and DrugSense testing units are very easy to operate whether I'm out in the field at our depots or when I do the weekly training of new drivers to reinforce the importance of being free of alcohol and drugs," he said.


"Our Safety Always culture is in place to ensure the safety of all stakeholders and is the utmost priority of our daily operations.


"The drug and alcohol testing regime plays a vital role in this and we've found the equipment and supplies from Andatech are easy to use, accurate and cost effective.”

As well as providing quality alcohol and drug testing equipment, Andatech also provides outsourced on-site drug and alcohol services that have a NATA accredited lab, use certified collectors/testers and offer 24/7 on-site testing in all major cities in Australia, which is crucial when emergency and post-incident testing is required quickly.

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Jaka Exstrada

Jaka has been a long-standing employee with Andatech, and has a background in events, marketing, and hospitality business management. An accredited Drug and Alcohol Officer for Drug Abuse Testing, Jaka brings valuable insight into the fields of drug testing. With his knowledge, companies also consult Jaka for drug and alcohol policies, and regulations- all of which he provides briefs on drug abuse information in the workplace.