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National Safe Work Month – October 2016

October is National Safe Work Month in Australia, and everyone is encouraged to participate to raise awareness about work health and safety.

Held on October every year, National Safe Work Month aims to improve awareness of work health and safety, encourage discussion about safety at work and share positive workplace stories from across Australia.

In 2016, Safe Work Australia will be supporting National Safe Work Month by developing resources for businesses, hosting the workplace participation reward program and sharing stories and statistics about work health and safety.


Leading up to National Safe Work Month in October, Chair of Safe Work Australia, Ms Diane Smith-Gander, reminds business leaders of the importance of work health and safety.

“It can only be a great workplace if it’s a safe workplace,” said Ms Smith-Gander.

We recently highlighted the top 10 most dangerous industries in Australia – those that had the highest number of injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

The agriculture, forestry and fishing industry recorded the highest number of injuries and fatalities from 2003-2014, with the 686 deaths recorded accounting for 23% of total workplace deaths in the period.

However, the biggest killer in Australian workplace incidents is still vehicle-related incidents, with road freight transport alone killing 423 workers in the 2003-2014 period.



With the estimated total cost of work related injury and illness to employers, workers and the community at $60 billion a year, a safe and healthy workplace is non-negotiable and that good health and safety management is all about good risk management.

No matter what industry you are working in, you can improve safety habits in the workplace.

Pedro Pessoa, Andatech’s WHS expert, advises that we should always drive safely, even the morning after a night of drinking, as alcohol may still remain in our system from the night before.

He also advised not to drive while under the influence of drugs, including medication, and to properly manage workplace fatigue and to always follow safety rules.

Vivien Mah

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