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New Bluetooth-enabled breathalyser with app

Andatech’s latest breathalyser comes with Bluetooth connectivity, a Smartphone app and sufficient internal memory to store 100 test results, plus keep track of results from six different people.

The AlcoSense Nexus is suitable for both personal use and as an entry-level workplace breathalyser. In the workplace, test results can be stored on a microSD card and downloaded on to a computer for future reference and compliance purposes.

Accuracy is THE most important factor in any breathalyser and because the AlcoSense Nexus comes with fuel cell technology, it is accurate to +/- 0.005% BAC, the highest level of accuracy available in breathalysers today. The unit remains accurate even when it has conducted 1000 tests.

BAC refers to blood alcohol concentration or blood alcohol content and measures the amount of alcohol in your system.

Using its Bluetooth functionality connected to a Smartphone, users of the Nexus can show the location where the breath test was taken (if the user enables GPS on their phone) and can verify the actual test by taking and storing a facial photo or video of the person being breath tested.

The app that comes with the AlcoSense Nexus, operates over Android and iOS (Apple) mobile operating systems so it can work on any Samsung, LG, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch smart devices.

Using the unit with the app is a great way to keep track of your drinking habits and BAC readings, particularly if you're a frequent drinker. And for employers, they can keep a record of employee test results.

To maintain accuracy, as with any unit operating with fuel cell technology, the Nexus requires regular calibration and a feature of this unit is that a reminder alert is provided automatically after 1000 tests have been conducted.

The Nexus also delivers audible (as well as visual) alerts for pass, low and high test results.

For added reassurance to others, test results can be shared via SMS, email and SNS with friends and family.


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