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New White Paper from Andatech Addresses Drug and Alcohol Policy Development

We are pleased to announce the release of our first whitepaper “Developing a Drug and Alcohol Policy: Avoiding Common Pitfalls when Including Drug & Breath Tests”.

The white paper details the importance of implementing an appropriate drug and alcohol policy within the workplace, how to reduce risk in the workplace and essential tips to help implement a policy successfully.

Drug and alcohol policies are an essential component of managing workplace risks for many industries, especially for those with the highest risks of catastrophic industrial accidents such as construction, transport, mining, and manufacturing.

Drug and alcohol testing is rapidly becoming an attractive tool in managing drug and alcohol-related risks.  The most successful drug and alcohol policies are established with a highly consultative approach, use expert advice, and focus on the public health and risk management to avoid having testing regimes damage productivity and workers’ trust.

This white paper describes the reasoning behind implementing a Drug and Alcohol policy, the importance of implementing it correctly and how to avoid the common pitfalls when introducing drug and breath tests to your employees.

The white paper is available for download online from Andatech.

For information and assistance with drug testing Australia workplace employees, be sure to talk to our workplace drug testing experts on 1300 800 200 (AU) or +613 8899 6900 (International) for a free consultation.

Jaka Exstrada

Jaka has been a long-standing employee with Andatech, and has a background in events, marketing, and hospitality business management. An accredited Drug and Alcohol Officer for Drug Abuse Testing, Jaka brings valuable insight into the fields of drug testing. With his knowledge, companies also consult Jaka for drug and alcohol policies, and regulations- all of which he provides briefs on drug abuse information in the workplace.