Portable Breathalysers

Its strange, the things we all take for granted. For instance being able to drive to work, drive to Maccas, drop off and pick up the kids from school. These things, in a heart beat, can be taken away from you.

If you enjoy a few drinks over lunch or like to head to the pub after work, you need a portable breathalyzer. Americans would say portable breathalyzer, but with out splitting hairs it is indeed the same thing.

The morning after a big night a portable breath tester will tell you if your breath alcohol concentration or “BAC” is within the legal limit. Being a portable breath tester means you can take it with you, to the pub, down to the kebab hut and back to your friends’ house.

Where ever you go it is there when you need it. This is a small precaution to ensure you are not caught drink driving the next day, saving you time money and hassle… Its the small things that count.