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Safe Drinking Tips this Festive Season 2017

The holiday season is just around the corner! Who’s excited? Everyone is gearing up and preparing for the frequent parties and celebrations in the office and at home. Others are busy shopping for gifts for their loved ones while others are preparing for their long-awaited vacations. Whatever you may be doing during the holidays, do keep in mind that you and your loved ones’ safety is a priority especially with the number of alcoholic drinks this season.

Despite the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere of the festivities, parents should still be on the lookout for their youngsters. There are mandates about underage drinking they should be aware of other than the health effects of alcohol in the body. Parents should be aware of these laws in order to avoid any conflict.

Furthermore, while most of us don’t really count the number of drinks we have, it pays to take note of how many standard drinks it will take to get to .05. Should one lose track, a quality handy breathalyser will definitely do the job. If you’re out on It will be easier for you to decide whether it is safe to drive after drinking. It is important, however, to remember that a breathalyser or a BAC Calculator is not a tool to drink and drive.

So now, before we nose-dive in our celebrations, we have prepared a helpful infographic on how to enjoy alcoholic drinks while staying safe. Check it below and share it with your family and friends!

Enjoying alcoholic drinks this holiday season



Josephine Gan

As our Customer Service Manager, Josephine has a great understanding of people- which is not surprising, given that her major is in Psychology. She is able to transfer her friendly demeanour into our safety and support related posts for our products, as well as to provide information on drinking and how it may affect your health.