The Accuracy of Andatech Personal Breathalysers

Recent media attention has focused on the accuracy of personal breathalysers.  So just how accurate are they?

To answer this question you will need to understand a little more about breathalyser technology.  There are two main types of alcohol sensors used in breathalysers – semiconductor and electrochemical. Semiconductor is more affordable, but less precise and stable. In contrast, Fuel Cell sensors are more accurate, stable, and more selective to alcohol (i.e. do not react to tobacco and other substances which can be present in a breath sample).

Most personal breathalysers sold today are generally equipped with semi-conductor sensors.
Although most professional testers use a fuel cell sensor, there are some quality products based on the semi-conductor technology, designated for professional use such as Andatech AL6000pro and Zenith.

Our most popular model, the AlcoSense Pro Breathalyser is accurate to within 0.01%, meaning that at 0.05% BAC the unit will show a reading of not less than 0.04% and not higher than 0.06%.  This allows the user to make an informed decision regarding their ability to drive, while still keeping the cost of ownership at an accessible level.

Should you require a greater degree of accuracy, it is recommended to upgrade to our Alcosense Stealth Breathalyser, which is equipped with an advanced fuel cell sensor and is accurate to within 0.005%, meaning that at 0.05% BAC the unit will show a reading of not more than 0.055% and not less than 0.045%

We regularly perform quality control to ensure that our products comply with these standards, and are constantly working closely with our manufacturers to keep raising the bar in the personal and professional breathalyser industry.

It has been our experience that without the aid of a product such as ours, people will greatly underestimate their BAC, putting them in a situation where they feel like they can drive but are in fact over the legal limit.  It is our strong belief that having an Andatech Breathalyser to help you make a better decision about whether or not to drive is of great benefit, allowing you to make a choice based on reliable information rather than on your own possibly impaired judgement.