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The Andatech AL6000PRO Review: Geare Magazine


Our breathalyzer – the Andatech AL6000 Pro (now known as just the AlcoSense Pro)  – was reviewed by Geare Magazine (November 2006) for its features and accuracy.

The AL6000 Pro was compared against 4 other breathalyzers between 4 volunteers and 2 litres of vodka.

Find out how our breathalyzer fared against the rest.


The two units around $200 both tracked the reference well, the Andatech giving the closest performance to the reference overall…


At just $189 RRP, the AlcoSense Pro is a crowd favourite when it comes to reliable and affordable personal breath testing. Perfect for friends or family who enjoy their alcohol 😉 Available at Repco and Autobarn stores Australia-wide! 
Conversely, you could buy one here:


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