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What is Australian Standard AS3547?

If you’ve ever shopped for a breathalyser before, you’ve probably come across the term Australian Standard AS3547, but do you know exactly what it means?


5 Ticks – AS 3547 (also known as Australian Standard AS3547:1997 “Breath alcohol testing devices for personal use”) aims to ensure that devices which are used to test breath for alcohol content are tested to ensure their accuracy. The ‘5 ticks’ certification trademark (“the Standards Mark”) is owned by SAI Global (SAI). A company wishing to affix the StandardsMark to its products and/or packaging must be licensed to do so by SAI once SAI has certified the subject product against the relevant Australian Standard.

When you work in a particular industry for a while it is easy to forget that not everyone knows the lingo. AS3547 is so important that I throw around the word, like a car salesman talks about brakes on a motor vehicle. You can buy your next car without brakes if you want to but all of the sudden that car is now just a toy, so my question is – Why would you buy a breathalyser without the AS 3547 standards? We know of companies who do this and for some reason try and charge a premium price for something that is no more than a toy.

Andatech and AlcoSense branded breathalysers are AS3547 approved, you will see it clearly with the red background and 5 ticks.


Christina Cini

Christina has a very technical background, and is a very skilled Quality Assurance Manager/ Technician. With her degree in Mechatronics Engineering, she is able to apply her field of studies to her current occupation, also providing a better understanding into our more technical blog posts such as calibration, maintenance of your device, as well as sensors.