New whitepaper from Andatech addresses the human factor in workplace safety

We are pleased to announce the release of our second whitepaper “Human Factor: The Human-Technology Interface in Workplace Safety”.

Occupational Health and Safety is evolving into a specialist field that merges established OH&S systems such as health risk assessments, job hazard analyses, risk matrices and safety hierarchies, with human factors, ergonomics, training theories, and behavioural psychology.

As the complexity of technology increases, the interface between human and machine is becoming a key risk factor for workplace incidents. It’s difficult to properly assess the human side of that risk and easy to incorrectly blame the person — rather than look more deeply at the full picture of workplace, worker, work and equipment.

This whitepaper examines a behavioural model to apply in the investigation of workplace incidents to gain significant insight into the human aspect involved.

The whitepaper is available for download for free online from Andatech.


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Michael D'Angelo

Michael's passion and background in marketing, research, mental health awareness, and youth brings in a fresh perspective to the team. From his degree in marketing, Michael is aware how easily one may fall prey to advertising and peer pressure- enabling him to write dedicated content about specific topics pertaining to youth, and alcohol and drug usage.