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Who doesn't like SmartGates?

SmartGates automatically process passengers through passport control at airports. At the heart of this border control equipment is facial recognition technology, which is quick and secure, and means you can transit through passport control much faster.

Facial recognition scanning is set to become a common procedure in workplaces with detection equipment such as Andatech’s Accesspoint FRX and Soberlive FRX now readily accessible and affordable.
In the not-so-far-off future, employees and visitors to a workplace or public venue will have to undertake a facial recognition scan before they can enter the premises.

Accesspoint FRX
An added feature of Accesspoint FRX is its ability to provide fast and accurate temperature readings so that anyone who has a fever is automatically restricted.
Equipped with infrared thermal imaging technology, the Accesspoint FRX acts as a premises’ first line of defence, saving valuable time, eliminating direct physical contact and reducing the need for extra staff to undertake temperature screening.

Combined with advanced settings such as a guest/visitor mode, mask detection and real time data upload, the Accesspoint FRX is likely to be also used at schools, hospitals, restaurants, malls and other high traffic venues.

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Andatech Soberlive FRX
Providing even greater security for employers is Andatech’s all-in-one Soberlive FRX, which offers a breathalyser in addition to facial recognition ID and a temperature scanner.

Employees and visitors will increasingly be required to present their face for scanning and provide a breath test before they can enter a premises or construction site for work or leisure.

With the ability to be connected to any access control system, the Soberlive FRX can automatically restrict access to those who are running a fever or are over the workplace policy’s alcohol limit.

When used as the first line of defence to protect workplace safety, the Soberlive FRX saves valuable time, eliminates direct physical contact and reduces the need for extra staffing for temperature and alcohol screening.

Also available is Soberlive FR, which offers the same features as the FRX model without temperature scanning. The advanced facial recognition system identifies individuals instantly and records breathalyser test results directly associated with individual employees, providing ease in usability and recording.

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Eugene Ng

With a double major in both Criminology and International Relations, Eugene has an idea as to what alcohol and drug use may lead to. His informative blog posts focus on alcohol and drug use and its effects on various industries and society. As part of Andatech's marketing team, Eugene also posts regularly on new products, announcements, and the latest news.