Workplace Alcohol and Drug Testing Policy Tips

Andatech’s Andrew Smith was interviewed recently for an article by OHS Professional Magazine on alcohol and drug testing. The article highlighted the importance of a workplace drug and alcohol policy and tips on how to implement one.

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Workplace drug and alcohol policies are becoming increasingly common due to problems caused by substance and alcohol abuse in the workplace, such as incidents, lost productivity, staff turnover, and low morale. Some key take-home messages from the article:

  • Use simple language when developing a workplace alcohol and drug testing policy so that it’s easy to understand and accept
  • Focus on workplace and employee safety rather than punishment.
  • Tailor workplace alcohol and drug policies to meet the needs of the individual workplace.
  • Only buy and trust equipment that has been tested for accuracy and reliability, such as industrial breathalyzers with Australian Standard AS3547 Certification that have been police tested, for example the Andatech Precision+ Fuel Cell Breathalyser
  • Be familiar with symptoms of a hangover, which may not present a positive alcohol reading but can still impair work performance and safety. Include actions against hangovers in your policy.
  • Train OHS staff for workplace drug testing to ensure the right methodology and communication is used when testing employees.

As Andrew mentioned in the article, it is important to ensure that your employees understand that a workplace drug and alcohol policy is dedicated to reducing workplace risks, rather than to control how employees should conduct themselves outside of working hours.

Workplaces should consider introducing a drug and alcohol policy to encourage employee safety and safe workplace attitudes, especially in high hazard industries where workplace safety is paramount.

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Jaka Exstrada

Jaka has been a long-standing employee with Andatech, and has a background in events, marketing, and hospitality business management. An accredited Drug and Alcohol Officer for Drug Abuse Testing, Jaka brings valuable insight into the fields of drug testing. With his knowledge, companies also consult Jaka for drug and alcohol policies, and regulations- all of which he provides briefs on drug abuse information in the workplace.