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AlcoSense Elite 3 BT Breathalyser Review - Gadget Guy | March 2021

Here’s another informative review by on our latest product - the AlcoSense Elite 3 BT Breathalyser with Bluetooth-enabled smartphone app. 

Many thanks to Ray Shaw & the team from Gadget Guy for the in-depth testing & reviewing our new addition. Along with giving some insights on alcohol intake & outtake, Ray highlighted the ease of use and the smartphone app link-ability, in which we appreciate.


This is what Ray, has to say;

“It is fast, easy to use and a perfect device to save your life and licence.”

“The AlcoSense (all models) gives you an informed decision. This costs $369, and the BT function allows you to provide indisputable photo/time/location evidence that you were safe to drive. In any case, the police will either accept that or take a blood test for 100% accuracy. AlcoSense breathalysers range in price from $149 (two digits accuracy, and it is pretty good) to $549 for the best FxCell 3 fuel cell. For me, the AlcoSense Elite 3 BT with FxCell 2 is ideal.”


Read Ray's full review on Gadget Guy website - AlcoSense Elite 3 BT breathalyser – save your life and licence (review)


To learn more about the AlcoSense Elite 3 BT Breathalyser, view the product below. 

Vivien Mah

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