AlcoSense Elite 3 review: a must-have for your car (and next party)

You’ve seen the headlines. Police are cracking down on drink-driving more than ever. And that’s a good thing. Drink and drive and you’re a bloody idiot. But how do you know when you’ve had enough? Get behind the wheel and hope for the best? Never. And I mean never ever. That’s why the best thing you can buy for your car is not a phone mount or a first aid kit. It’s the AlcoSense Elite 3 breathalyser.

(I’ve just poured a glass of wine as part of the review for this breathalyser. I’m a man of integrity, of course. I’m currently blowing a 0.00, naturally.)

If you’ve ever been stopped at a random alcohol checkpoint for a breath test, you’ve seen a breathalyser. It’s a small device you blow in for a few seconds before it gives a verdict on your level of intoxication. Specifically, it measures your level of blood alcohol concentration, also known as BAC.

If you live in Australia, the legal BAC is 0.5. In the United States and United Kingdom , it’s 0.8. In some countries it’s as low as 0.3 or 0.2. In Russia, there’s a zero tolerance policy for drink driving.

(I’ve just had my first glass of wine while writing this review, and I’ve just tested at a 0.02% BAC. I can no longer drive in most of Europe.)

Authorities (and I) recommend that you don’t try to calculate your own BAC in your head for this reason. Alcohol concentrations vary between drinks, and those varying drinks are likely to be served in different quantities bar-to-bar.

Alcosense Elite 3


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Eugene Ng

With a double major in both Criminology and International Relations, Eugene has an idea as to what alcohol and drug use may lead to. His informative blog posts focus on alcohol and drug use and its effects on various industries and society. As part of Andatech's marketing team, Eugene also posts regularly on new products, announcements, and the latest news.