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AlcoSense Verity breathalyser on TVSN

We were recently on TVSN promoting the AlcoSense Verity breathalyser in its “Hi-Tech Must Haves” segment. Check out Tracey from Andatech in the studio while she was live on air!

In case you missed it, here’s the video you can watch to find out the Verity’s features and benefits 😀

Check out Tracey live on air with Emma from TVSN.

You can purchase the AlcoSense Verity in blue or pink from TVSN at its exclusive price of $199 with free extra mouthpieces.

Buy from TVSN



The AlcoSense Verity breathalyser sets itself apart from other personal breathalysers on the market thanks to its ultrathin design, built-in retractable personal mouthpiece, and accurate fuel cell technology.

As discussed by Emma and Tracey on air, owning a breathalyser is a great idea for any of us, especially if we enjoy a drink from time to time. Even if we know not to drink and drive, we often forget that we can still have alcohol in our system the morning after a night of drinking.

Having a compact and reliable breathalyser like the AlcoSense Verity can help us ensure that we’re always alright to drive. Australian Standards AS3547 Certified for its reliability and quality, the AlcoSense Verity is one of the best personal breathalysers in our range.

The unit comes with a 3 year warranty, which is extended up to a lifetime automatically as long as you calibrate it every 6 months as stated in the manufacturer’s recommendation.

The Verity is available from TVSN in blue or pink, and comes with batteries included, a soft pouch, a hard case, and 10 mouthpieces.


Have a look at our Verity here:


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