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Andatech Breathalyser Jingle

Check out our very own fun and exciting Andatech Breathalyser Jingle!

The lyrics have been included below so you can sing along 😉

And remember … “Before you drive, blow inside the Andatech Breathalyser”!



The Andatech Breathalyser Jingle – Lyrics

If you’re heading home and ya think
You’ve had a bit too much to drink
Before you drive, blow inside
The Andatech breathalyser

Had a few wines with dinner last night
Just to be safe you think you might
Take a breath and blow inside
The Andatech Breathalyser

Don’t Drink and Drive (Don’t Drink and Drive)
Arrive Alive (Arrive Alive)

Before you drive, blow inside
The Andatech Breathalyser
The Andatech Breathalyser



Vivien Mah

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