Andatech Goes Solar

Andatech has always been interested in the possibilities and benefits of solar power – an interest which has progressively moved into focus more in the last couple of months.

“Solar power is something that we have been interested in adapting for some time” said Mr. Tan.  “I’m very pleased that we have finally made the change”.

Thanks to the efforts and advice from the team at Better Solar, we have been able to move forward towards achieving our goal of becoming solar powered.

The exceptional team over at Better Solar have done a fantastic job transforming the roof at Andatech’s Melbourne office, into a sparkling and fancy looking power conductor, with the installation of row upon row of solar panels.

We made the decision to install solar panels for many reasons. For one, using solar power lowers our overall energy costs and two; it’s good for the environment.

With the installation of solar panels, we want to make a conscious and formal decision to be more energy efficient. Whether that be through the small steps we have previously taken (such as turning lights off when not in use), or the big steps (such as focusing more on solar power), it is important as a company to understand and attempt to minimize the footprint we leave on this world.

This is an exciting time for us here at Andatech and we are looking forward to discovering more about the benefits of solar power for our company.