Andatech recognised in Australian Business Awards 2016 – Business Excellence and Business Technology

Andatech has been recognised as an ABA100 winner in The Australian Business Awards for Business Technology and Business Excellence in 2016.

The awards recognise Andatech’s achievements in promoting excellence through innovative initiatives that have transformed business practices.


Irwandy Tan, director of Andatech says that the company is very humbled to be awarded in the two categories. “These awards will definitely give us more exposure in the industry and emphasise our dedication to our products and services.”

Andatech’s entries for the Australian Business Awards highlighted the company’s significant achievements of its internally built management system – the Andatech HUB – and how it served as the business’s core factor in productivity and quality services.

The Andatech Australia team in front of the Vermont headquarters.

Since Andatech’s beginning in 2003, it has quickly emerged as a leading distributor of breathalysers in Australia, a result of its emphasis on quality and performance. The focus has always been to provide products that have a measurable impact on the community.

The business continued to grow, in terms of its product line and also physically – the team, office, warehouse, and customer base has expanded exponentially in the last decade.

Inevitably, Andatech’s internal management system would need to be automated to maintain its high standards and efficiency while coping with the increased operational and after-sales activities.

“Exceeding our expectations, the HUB has not only solved many of the issues faced during the rapid growth in business, but also made many new processes and ideas achievable.”

 – Mr Irwandy Tan

Andatech saw the need for a management system to serve as a central online platform where inventory, pricing, ordering, dispatching, warranty support cases, calibrations and other vital information could be integrated.

The solution for this was the HUB, which, after months of discussions, planning, and trials, was successfully built in-house and launched online in 2013.

The HUB is accessible by staff in Australia and internationally, a driving force in the business’s seamless expansion overseas to Malaysia and the Philippines.

Additionally, the HUB can be used by resellers and end customers, further automating and streamlining various business processes.

Resellers can log in and check pricing, create orders, make payments, and submit support requests for their customers via the HUB.


Customers can log in to register their product warranty, book in a calibration, or submit support requests via the Hub.


Although improving the HUB is an ongoing process involving hours of work and back-end coding, it provides endless possibilities and truly sets Andatech apart from others in the industry.

“Exceeding our expectations, the HUB has not only solved many of the issues faced during the rapid growth in business, but also made many new processes and ideas achievable,” Mr. Tan said.

With the Hub, Andatech has been able to introduce numerous value-adding services to customers. One example is the implementation of Andatech’s breathalyser calibration management plans, which are automated via the Hub.

Once a customer subscribes to a management plan, the Hub handles all the processing tasks automatically including email reminders, shipping labels, service statuses, online payments, and even yearly renewals.


Andatech’s breathalyser calibration management plan was made possible by the HUB


Since its launch, the system has been frequently updated and refined to adapt to the increasing requirements of the growing business. It continues to develop today and has even more plans moving forward.

As the HUB was built entirely in-house, it also means that the model can be duplicated for clients, partners, branches and possibly other businesses in the industry by licensing the system.

Mr. Tan says winning the ABA awards in Business Excellence and Business Technology affirm the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

“Winning two categories is a great achievement by Andatech and a testament to our diligence and consistency in the past 13 years. These awards will be our motivation and encouragement to continue to grow.”

“Our wins are just the beginning of a great journey, and I hope we will have another significant achievement to enter the ABA again next year.”


About the Australian Business Awards

“For over a decade, the Australian Business Awards have recognised organisations that prioritise innovation and technology as drivers of local and international markets,” Australian Business Awards Program Director, Ms Tara Johnston, said.

The ABA100 Winners have demonstrated a commitment to technologically transformative innovation through business initiatives that have propelled them to success in a highly competitive business environment. These organisations not only position themselves as industry leaders, but also push the wider business community towards excellence.

“Those organisations that can continue to evolve alongside ever changing business models will secure their longevity, continually contributing to the marketplace by disrupting the status quo in a positive way,” Ms Johnston added.

Each year the ABA100 Winners are recognised through a variety of different award categories that demonstrate transformative business and product innovation. Corporate, government and non-government organisations are recognised for their ability to drive innovation through the application of technical expertise in the management of industry leading initiatives, and for the research and development of high-performing products and services.

Initiatives are evaluated based on their transformative capacities via a detailed analysis of the method, execution, performance and outcomes of their initiative. A focus is placed on initiatives that have a demonstrable transformative effect both internally within the business and externally in the wider business community.


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