Andatech sponsoring the 2020 Cannabis Conundrum Tour

Andatech is proud to be sponsoring this year's Cannabis Conundrum Tour, an event about cannabis legalisation organised by the Drug Advisory Council of Australia, Drug Free Australia, and the Dalgarno Institute.

2020 Cannabis Conundrum Tour Organisers

Happening this February 2020, event goers will have the chance to hear from multiple speakers on the impacts of cannabis legalisation on the community and economy. 

These evidence-based presentations are a must see for all politicians, policy- makers, medical staff of all persuasion, community leaders, educators, emergency services and civic leaders.

The Tour will commence 8th of February and visit key cities on the East Coast and Tasmania.

As an alcohol and drug testing provider, Andatech supports the 2020 Cannabis Conundrum's aims in educating the community and industry on the various impacts of cannabis legalisation. 

2020 Cannabis Conundrum Tour

About The Dalgarno Institute

A coalition of alcohol and drug educators, the Dalgarno Institute is made up of concerned community groups and individuals who seek to shift the community and particularly adolescent, young adult and family attitudes about alcohol and drugs away from the cultural expectation of participation, toward the proactive and protective option of ‘not having to’.

Through their Education, Advocacy and Resource process, the institute seeks to relevantly engage, educate and recalibrate cultural perceptions and values through ‘Fence building’ processes including curriculum delivery, strategic partnerships and sponsorship of other proactive community-based harm prevention.

Visit for further information on the event and updates.



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