Andatech Workforce Breathalyzer in Safety Solution Magazine

Our breathalyzer – the Andatech WorkForce Wall-Mounted Breathalyzer – was featured recently in the Safety Solution Magazine April/May 2009.

Check out what Safety Solution Magazine had to say about it below.

Alcohol Screening Device

Features: fast and accurate
Benefits: optional printout

The Andatech Workforce is a system that can be used to screen employees before entering the workplace. Testing employees before work will bring light any residual alcohol from the night before. This will help to minimise, if not eliminate, employees from using forklifts, trucks or machinery under the affects of alcohol.

Designed to endure rigours of high use and less-than-ideal conditions, the device measures alcohol content in a person’s breath and provides a fast and accurate quantitative conversion of breath alcohol content to the equivalent blood alcohol content.

Alcohol readings from the instrument can also be printed out immediately if the optional printer is attached.