Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine | October 2015

Breathalysers as a service

Andatech has been providing quality safety products and services to the public since its inception in 2003. Our biggest accomplishment to date is the relationships we build with our clients.

At Andatech we are constantly looking for new ways to foster our client relationships and provide better services for our clients. This is why we are excited to be expanding our breathalyser services.

We understand that maintaining a safe environment whether that be within the workplace or at home, involves more than just purchasing a breathalyser, it takes time, it takes support, it takes understanding, and it takes upkeep and care. This is why we wanted to develop a way to streamline the process, we know longer simply sell breathalysers, we now offer breathalysers as a service.

We understand that needs and requirements change, frequency of testing can increase or decrease, legislations may change, and technology is constantly changing, this is why customers now have the ability to trade-in their old breathalyser (regardless of the brand) when the time comes and purchase a new one at a discounted price.

Furthermore we understand that sometimes you may not need a breathalyser forever, this is why we have developed the leasing program. Customers have the option to lease the breathalyser out for a pre-determined amount of time.

If you’ve just started a workplace drug and alcohol testing policy, or simply want a breathalyser for an event you are hosting, then renting or leasing a breathalyser is a smart, affordable choice especially for temporary use.

Renting or leasing a breathalyser is more cost-effective than ownership, and is a smart business option that can offer you greater flexibility and control. It also makes it easy to upgrade to a new unit at the end of a lease period, and you don’t have to deal with depreciation of assets.

If you find yourself or your business needing drug and alcohol testing, Andatech will be here to support you, whether you just have a question, need some assistance, require calibration or need help with an issue, our customers can count on us.

For more information contact Andatech on 03 8899 6900