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Body Camera: Reliable All-Weather Andatech BodyCam

Andatech presents its new reliable all-weather video monitoring and recording gadget: the Andatech BodyCam Body Camera

The Andatech BodyCam Body Camera (Professional Model) is built with the police and law enforcement in mind. It features built-in GPS, WiFi, and can withstand different weather and activities

This body worn camera has a heavy duty casing designed to be rain and dust proof that makes it perfect for outdoor use. It’s highly durable and can withstand even on rugged use on the field. Apart from withstanding climate or police chase, it is also impact-and-drop proof up to two (2) meters.

When out on the field, the Andatech BodyCam is a reliable companion in capturing and monitoring activities with its extra wide angle lens of up to 170 degrees. It features a one-key operation for quick and discreet usage. It is designed for the authorities who spend hours on road operations with its fast charging capabilities and a battery that lasts up to nine (9) hours of continuous video recording.

The BodyCam features back-office monitoring with its live video transmission. It allows location tracking via its built-in GPS function that records the exact location of the video being taken. It has integrated night vision that captures anything within 15 meters, even in complete darkness.

The BodyCam is highly wearable with its portable and lightweight design. It also serves as a multi-bay docking station that allows up to 8 devices to charge simultaneously.

Vivien Mah

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