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Convenience & Impulse Magazine | June July 2015

Wingmate Breathalyser – new for convenience

Targeted at tradies and young drivers, the Wingmate personal breathalyser from Andatech is a great impulse product for petrol and convenience stores. The hand-held breathalyser can be used straight out of the box and features simple one-button operation to test for the presence of alcohol.

Within seconds, it provides blood alcohol concentration results from 0.00 to 0.20%.

With accuracy verified by the US Department of Transport, the Wingmate can be used for up to 200 tests or six months (whichever comes first) and is covered by a one year warranty from Andatech.

Wingmate’s attractive packaging makes it a great addition in store. Packed in shelf-ready cartons of 10, it makes a great counter top display. Individual packs can be displayed in the gadgets or motoring accessories section.

Contact Andatech on 1300 800 200 or email for more information and to get a free sample of the Wingmate breathalyser (one per customer).


Wingmate Breathalyser – Embracing Safer Driving

Andatech, an Australian company that develops and promotes products created to improve safety and quality of life, is expecting its new personal breathalyser to drive growth and bring new customers to the petrol and convenience channel.

The Wingmate breathalyser is a great fit as an impulse buy at convenience stores, and is targeted at tradies and young drivers. This simple-to-use handheld breathalyser was designed to be convenient. Featuring semiconductor technology, the Wingmate provides reliable 2 decimal place readings straight out of the box, without the need for mouthpieces.

Certified by the US Department of Transport, there is no better substitute out there when it comes to safety and peace of mind than being able to push a button, blow a little air and know that you are safe to get behind the wheel.

Built with a streamlined design to ensure convenience and efficiency every time, the WIngmate is small enough to fit in a pocket or leave in the glove box of a car. With a simple digital reading and one button operation, it is easy to use for beginner drivers and retirees alike.

The Wingmate breathalysers are packaged in shelf ready cartons (10 units per carton) that can be used as a display on the checkout counter. Alternatively, the Wingmate breathalyser unit packaging can be used to merchandise as an individual box to display within your store’s gadget shelf or car accessories section.

Contact Andatech on 1300 800 200 or email for more information and to get a free sample of the Wingmate breathalyser (one per customer).


View the Wingmate breathalyser online


Published in Convenience and Impulse Magazine, June/July 2015

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