Industry Update | November 2016

Andatech advertised in the November 2016 issue of Industry Update to offer drug and alcohol testing solutions for union requirements.

Don’t Take Risks

Drug and alcohol testing solution for union requirements

Due to the consumption of drug and alcohol in the workplace, billions of dollars are lost every year in industries including construction, manufacturing, mining and forestry.

Drugs and alcohol in the workplace have always been a rising issue, and now the unions are reinforcing companies in the high risk industries to implement policies of drug and alcohol testing.

Andatech is here to help high risk companies to tackle this issue by offering a simple and convenient solution package in line with the unions’ requirements.

We are here to ensure workplace productivity through offering you a cost-effective drug and alcohol testing solution to ease you through policy implementation.

Contact us for a special discount on a workplace alcohol and drug testing solution.

Check out the full issue of November 2016 Industry Update.


Vivien Mah

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