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Police Breathalyser

Police Breathalyser

The Andatech Sentry is a police breathalyser and baton specially designed for security and law enforcement officers. The breathalyser can test up to 12 people per minute and provides the reading either as a numerical 3-digit reading or via zero-low-high indications.

The product’s fuel cell sensor provides readings within 5 seconds after blowing into the unit. If the result exceeds the breathalyser’s set point value, the device will vibrate and sound an alarm.

It also has a manual sampling feature that can test an unconscious person’s breath or detect alcohol in beverages. Authorities can use the manual sampling mode to check the presence of alcohol in subjects that are unable to blow enough breath sample, or in unconscious people who are unable to take a test at all.

To test on an unconscious person, simple place the sampling hole close to their mouth, where the breath is exhaled. To detect alcohol in beverages, place the sampling hole near the drink to test. The product will display ‘zero’, ‘low’ or ‘high’ to indicate the alcohol level detected from a subject’s breath or a drink.

The product comes with rechargeable batteries, plus a charger that ensures continuous use. Calibration is required every 12 months or every 5000 tests, whichever comes first. Its multiple features make it a suitable alcohol breath tester for police roadside breath testing and entry-point breath testing such as at events or construction sites.

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Published in National Safety Magazine, March 2018.


If you're interested in learning more about the device, take a look at it's product page over here:

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