Safety Solutions | Aug / Sept 2016 (Part 3)


Wall-mounted breathalyser

The Andatech Soberpoint 3 is designed to make monitoring workplace alcohol testing efficient and centralised.

The WiFi-enabled breathalyser wirelessly syncs test records and device diagnostics to a server, which OHS administrators can access online or from a smartphone.

Data sent to the server are linked to the unit’s serial number, making monitoring multiple breathalysers from different worksites more centralised and accessible from a single account.

Test records include total tests taken, and individual tests’ date, time and BAC results (accurate to three decimal places).

Administrators can also monitor over-the-limit results and cancelled tests in real time through email notifications.

There is no need for OHS officers to administer and record test results individually; breathalysers can be installed at key locations on-site and employees can test themselves independently using cylindrical straws.

Maintenance is convenient; hourly diagnostic checks assist in the early detection of machine faults or connection loss, and the breathalyser’s fuel cell sensor can conduct unlimited tests before its six-month calibrations are due.

The Soberpoint 3 breathalyser is certified to Australian Standards AS3547.


Andatech Pty Ltd



Published in Safety Solutions magazine, Aug/Sept 2016 issue, page 34. View the PDF here.