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Non Contact Breathalysers

with Temperature Screening, Facial Recognition, Data Upload and more.

Collection: Contactless Breathalysers

Contactless breathalysers are the latest essential for alcohol breath testing, with rising concerns for the need to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission. Although alcohol testing operators can follow standard operating procedures such as regular hand sanitisation and wearing protective face masks, current alcohol testing methods usually require a close distance between the operator and subject being tested. With Andatech's range of contactless breathalysers, operators and subjects can now maintain a safe physical distance, or have zero contact at all, during the testing procedure. Browse our range of contactless breathalysers below.

9 products
  • Andatech Sentry X Contactless Breathalyser

  • Andatech Soberlive FRX

    Breathalyser with Temperature Screening & Facial Recognition

  • Andatech Soberlive

    Breathalyser with User Login & Data Upload

  • Andatech Soberpoint 3 Lite

    Workplace Breathalyser with Push Button Configuration

  • Andatech Soberlive FR

    Breathalyser with Facial Recognition

  • Andatech Soberpoint 3 Wave

    Public Use Breathalyser that accepts Cashless Payments

  • Soberlive FR with Key Management

    Breathalyser with Facial Recognition & Key Management System

  • Andatech Soberpoint 3

    Workplace Breathalyser with WIFI & Push Button Configuration

  • Andatech Soberpoint 3 Coin

    Public Use Breathalyser that accepts $1 & $2 Coins