Drug and Alcohol Test Solution Packs

Breathalyzer and Drug Test Kits for the Workplace


Save 30~40% when you purchase a solution pack instead of getting each item individually.

Australian Standards

All our drug and alcohol screening equipment meet Australian Standards requirements.

Training Included

Includes online training to get staff fully trained on how to use our breathalyzers for alcohol screening.

Andatech Guarantee

All our alcohol testers are covered by our guarantee, which extends the standard warranty on your breathalyzer to 5 years.

Kickstart your workplace drug and alcohol testing policy now with a drug and alcohol test solution pack from Andatech. Our alcohol and drug testing kit solution packs are a great way to introduce both alcohol and drug testing in your workplace. Each alcohol and drug testing combo pack comes with an Australian Standards AS3547 Certified workplace breathalyzer, pack of 100 mouthpieces, carton of saliva drug test kits, and online training for two staff members. Alternatively, opt for a more cost-effective breathalyser solution pack designed for small to large companies with convenience and affordability in mind. Each breathalyser solution pack includes the essentials to get you started - a calibration management service to ensure your breathalyser is maintained to Australian Standards, and online training on how to conduct a breath alcohol test properly. Our solution packs make drug and alcohol management policies easier. Select any alcohol and drug screening combo or workplace solution pack below to learn more. Contact our sales team on 03 8899 6900 to find out which one will suit your testing requirements best.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace

Why implement a workplace D&A policy?

The effects of both alcohol and illicit drugs use during and outside of work hours can have a significant negative impact on occupational health, safety and productivity. According to the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF), alcohol and drug use cost Australian businesses $5.2 billion a year in hidden lost productivity and absenteeism.

Apart from that, an employer also has a legal obligation to address alcohol and other drug issues in the workplace through the ‘duty of care’ provisions in the OHS Act.

Rather than policing your employees, a well-implemented drug and alcohol policy is crucial to protect the health and safety of the business, its staff, and its customers.

Options for D&A testing in the workplace

Depending on the policy's testing requirements, budget and company size, workplaces can either implement employee drug screening in-house using OH&S or HR staff, or outsource it to a third party drug screening organisation.

For workplaces with limited resources, a small number of employees needed for testing, or a simpler policy requiring only random testing or pre employment testing, conducting the testing in-house may be more cost effective.

In this case, buying your own workplace breathalyzer and drug test kits would be cheaper than outsourcing the role. However, it is important to make sure that staff conducting the testing are properly trained and equipped to do so.

Drug and alcohol testing equipment

Using the right equipment is just as important as setting up the policy in the first place. It is important to use Australian Standards Certified equipment – having this certification means that workplace breathalyzers and drug test kits have been certified or meet regulation standards, and that they do what they say they do.

Understanding this, Andatech's range of Workplace Drug and Alcohol Solution Packs as an easy way for workplaces to buy the equipment they need for conducting workplace drug and alcohol testing in-house. Andatech also offers a third party drug and alcohol testing service that includes specimen collection, reporting, and assistance with confirmatory testing. It is available in all major states of Australia. Contact us to find out more about this service.

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