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Alcohol and Drug Testing Solutions for Medical, Clinical and Pharmeceutical Industries

Andatech offers a range of alcohol and drug testing equipment that are perfect for use by health care facilities such as hospitals, universities, medical centres, or private health care practitioners. Our products are used in emergency departments, hospitals, ambulances and clinics for quick diagnoses of both conscious and unconscious subjects. Australian Standards Certified and Compliant, our breath alcohol testers and drug test kits are reliable, accurate, and easy to use.

All Andatech breathalysers use accurate fuel cell technology that provide results accurate to +/- 0.005%BAC, providing healthcare professionals with reliable results during testing. Our range includes models that are suited for simple alcohol testing with no storage of results. For healthcare facilities such as drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres or hospitals testing their own staff, we have breathalysers that can store comprehensive alcohol test results as well. These models are also capable of data storage and downloading / exporting into common software formats.

All our breathalyzers utilise hygienic, disposable, individually wrapped mouthpieces and sampling cups. Additionally, all Andatech industrial grade breathalyzer models have dual mode testing and are able to provide readings in both specific readings (up to 3 decimal places in BAC or BrAC formats) as well as passive or fast mode testing. With passive mode testing, the operator can manually test a sample of expired breath in a subject - ideal for situations where the subject is unconscious, such as in patients in Emergency Departments.

Our alcohol and drug testing equipment are user-friendly, and highly reliable. With that, they are easy to use from the beginning and require little to no training, making them suitable for use by any staff member. Similarly, pharmacies will find our products highly suitable for consumer use. Our products are shelf-ready and available with point-of-sales packaging and consumer-focused marketing materials with low minimum quantity orders.

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We put all our products through extensive research and testing to ensure the highest level of accuracy, durability and reliability.

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All our alcohol testers are covered by our Breathalyser Guarantee, which extends the standard warranty on your industrial breathalyzer up to 5 years.

Collection: Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Medical Industry

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Very effective
The Soberpoint II is used daily in our organisation. It is very simple to use and gives fast and accurate results. It’s a quality machine that not only looks good, but is also very effective and useful for measuring BAC levels. Our clinic could not function properly without it.


Austin Health
ADF Australian Drug Foundation
NSW Government Health South Western Sydney Local Health District
Abbotsford Private Hospital
Territory Alliance Building Together
The University of Melbourne

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