Drug and Alcohol Testing in Law Enforcement

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Andatech's police grade breathalyzers and drug test kits provide easy, accurate and hassle-free operation for police officers both out on the field and at the police station. Suited for all law enforcement applications including roadside breath alcohol and drug testing, evidential testing, random testing and post-accident testing, our drug and alcohol test equipment deliver accuracy and consistency with every test. With fast warm up times, various features such as custom data input, built-in printers and GPS location tracking, Andatech's range of breath alcohol testers offer police, security and law enforcement officers a wide range of use and flexibility for all their testing needs.

Committed to Quality

We put all our products through extensive research and testing to ensure the highest level of accuracy, durability and reliability.

Highly Reviewed

See why we're deemed to be the best breathalyzer brand in Australia with over 700+ positive breathalyzer reviews and testimonials from our customers.

Andatech Guarantee

All our alcohol testers are covered by our Breathalyser Guarantee, which extends the standard warranty on your industrial breathalyzer up to 5 years.

Accurate and Efficient Police Breathalyzers

Our portable hand held alcohol breathalyzers are certified to Australian Standards AS3547 and provide accurate blood alcohol content (BAC) results, even at high concentrations. They are ideal for fast, reliable and hygienic roadside breath testing. Breath alcohol testers such as the Andatech Prodigy series utilise a mouthpiece eject function provide sanitary disposal of used mouthpieces after a test, removing the need for police officers to come into contact with them during testing.

All our police grade breathalysers offer dual mode testing. This includes normal mode testing, which provides specific 3 decimal place results, and passive mode testing to quickly detect the presence of alcohol in a breath sample. Passive mode testing is especially suitable for efficient random breath testing as well as to manually test the expired breath sample from unconscious subjects. Unique models such as the Andatech Sentry breathalyzer can be used as a police baton and flashlight, especially useful for traffic police officers. The Sentry can test up to 12 people per minute and can also be used to detect alcohol presence in beverages and unconscious subjects.

Andatech's police breathalyzers are used by international law enforcement agencies for roadside breath testing.

Roadside Drug Testing Against Drug Drivers

With the reported increasing rate of drug driving on our roads, police's enforcement of roadside drug testing has also increased in recent years. Drug test kits used for roadside drug testing must be fast, accurate and reliable. More importantly, they need to be able to detect the most commonly abused illicit drugs and current impairment in the driver.

For fast and efficient roadside drug testing, Andatech's saliva drug testing kits are recommended. These can test up to 7 types of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines. Saliva tests are ideal to test to current impairment in a person who has consumed drugs in the past 24 hours or still has remaining traces of drugs in their system. Saliva samples are easy to collect from inside the motor vehicle and is much less invasive than urine drug testing. However, if a saliva drug test is positive, then officers will need to obtain a second, confirmatory test sample from the subject.

Due to their ease of use, they are suitable not only for law enforcement use but also for personal and workplace use. Talk to us about our drug test kits compliance to Australian Standards drug testing kits compliance to oral fluid and urine drug testing kits.

Breathalyzer Tested by Police

The Andatech Prodigy S was independently tested by police with impressive results!

A major police laboratory in Australia independently tested the Andatech Prodigy S breathalyser and sent us the results.

Tested on two occassions against controlled alcohol solutions at varying BAC concentrations, the Prodigy S consistently gave results that were well within the accuracy range of ±0.005%BAC.

Its accuracy remained consistent even when it was used consecutively with just one minute apart from each test!

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