Alcohol and Drug Testing Solutions for Workplaces

Alcohol and Drug Testing Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Alcohol and Drug Testing Solutions for Transport, Aviation and Logistics

Andatech offers a range of alcohol and drug testing equipment for workplaces to screen employees in both regulated industries such as aviation and manufacturing, and non-regulated industries such as corporate workplaces. We specialise in guiding customers through all aspects of setting up, policy making and administration of drug and alcohol testing programs in the workplace. Our workplace breathalysers are Australian Standards AS3547 certified whereas our drug test kits are compliant with Australian Standards cut-off requirements for urine testing (AS4308) and oral fluid testing (AS4760).

For workplace drug and alcohol testing, we recommend the breathalyzers and drug testing kits below. This is because they are user-friendly, highly reliable and error-free. With that, they are easy to use from the beginning and require little to no training, making them suitable for in-house workplace testing. Additionally, the alcohol breath testers below are ideal for both small to large workplaces with unlimited testing between calibrations. Plus, some breathalyzer models have options for data management as well. If you're not sure of which model breathalyser or drug test kit will suit your needs best, do contact us for a recommendation based on your specific requirements.

Whether you are just starting out with a workplace drug and alcohol testing policy, or are already conducting workplace testing, we are here to help. Our drug and alcohol testing equipment and solutions are suitable for all cases of workplace D&A testing including pre-employment testing, post-incidental testing, random testing, return-to-duty testing or stand-down testing.

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The drug and alcohol testing regime plays a vital role in this (Safety Always culture) and we’ve found the equipment and supplies from Andatech are easy to use, accurate and cost effective.


Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace

Workplace drug and alcohol testing is becoming increasingly common due to the rising rates of substance abuse in the workplace. In Australia, abuse of illegal drugs such as ICE and synthetic drugs such as synthetic marijuana have been on the rise, even in the white collar industry.

Although corporate workplaces are not regulated by occupational health and safety (OHS) legislations, a drug and alcohol policy can help maintain a safe workplace if an employee is found or suspected of being under the influence. Under the OHS act, employers have a legal obligation to address alcohol and other drug issues in the workplace through the ‘duty of care’ provisions. These provisions require employers to take all reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of all workers and any other people who may be affected by the actions of the employer, such as contractors or clients.

However, employers must have a proper drug and alcohol policy in place prior to introducing testing. Additionally, employers should ensure that employees are educated on the terms of the company's policies and procedures and are aware that testing will take place. If you are unsure of how to begin, Andatech can help you with policy making and test implementation. Just contact us for a zero obligation consultation.

The effects of both alcohol and illicit drug use during and outside of work hours can have a significant negative impact on workplace health, safety and productivity. According to the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF), alcohol and drug use cost Australian businesses $5.2 billion a year in hidden lost productivity and absenteeism.

In safety-critical industries such as manufacturing, farming, transportation or aviation, a drug and alcohol testing policy is crucial to ensure the safety of everyone in the workplace and compliance with OHS regulations.

Andatech's range of workplace breathalyzers and drug testing kits are a great way to start and maintain an efficient drug and alcohol testing policy. Our products and services are catered to both small and large businesses, and our online systems and services make ordering, calibration management and servicing your alcohol and drug testing equipment efficient and hassle-free.

Talk to our sales team today to learn more.

Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Manufacturing Industry

Drug and Alcohol Testing in Transport, Aviation and Logistics

A drug and alcohol testing program is mandatory in the aviation industry under the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations act. All employees, including contractors, sub-contractors and volunteers who perform safety sensitive aviation activities (SSAAs) must be tested before employment, upon suspicion, when returning to work, and after any incident. While testing is not mandatory in other transport and logistics industries, many now implement a testing policy as best practice to maintain safety and act as a deterrent in the workplace.

For companies just starting out with a testing policy or wanting to maintain their program, Andatech offers a range of breath alcohol test equipment and drug test kits that are easy to use and Australian Standards compliant. Our drug screening tests offer fast results, simple and hygienic specimen collection and are available in both urine and oral fluid test kit options.

Additionally, we offer free consultation and a range of services to complement our products. This includes breathalyzer training, rental, and services for drug testing Australia wide, starting from as little as 1 employee per year. Contact us today to find out more on how Andatech can help your company with your drug and alcohol testing policy and management.

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