MAY 2019

WELCOME to the Andatech Advocate

Irwandy Tan, Andatech CEOEvery two months, we’ll let you know about important events and the latest news, provide product reviews and pass on interesting stories.

Plus, every issue will include details of a giveaway where you can have the chance to win an Andatech product. This month it’s an AlcoSense Volt breathalyser to celebrate Mother’s Day.

If you are not familiar with what we do, here’s a quick snapshot:

Established in 2003, Andatech is an award-winning, 100 per cent Australian- owned company. We design, develop, supply, support and service a large variety of safety devices including high quality alcohol and drug testing equipment, as well as offering consumer safety and air quality products. In the B2B market, we also provide alcohol and drug testing services.

Our aim is to not only develop products that integrate the latest in technology but also to constantly provide an exceptional customer experience.

Andatech is committed to quality and our ISO 9001 certification is just one example of that. Our breathalysers certified to Australian Standards AS3547 ensure that they are accurate and reliable.

While we work with some of Australia's largest companies, government enterprises and universities, Andatech’s individual customers are equally as important to us.

We look forward to sharing more of our journey with you and hope you enjoy this first Andatech Advocate.

Irwandy Tan

WIN for Mother's Day

Andatech is pleased to offer readers a giveaway to celebrate Mother’s Day on 12 May. To have a chance of winning, you need to head to the Andatech website to find the answer to this question:

What else can the AlcoSense Volt function as in addition to being a personal breathalyser?

Post your answer to the question above on the Andatech Facebook page for your chance to win an AlcoSense Volt breathalyser valued at $279. Entries close at midnight on 9 May 2019. The winner will be drawn, notified and announced on Facebook on 10 May 2019.

Post your answer on now for your chance to win!

Perfect Mother’s Day gift
Mum can’t afford to lose her licence otherwise she couldn’t continue to be a Mummy taxi service! So to avoid potential havoc in the household, if you are looking for a perfect gift for your mother, consider an AlcoSense personal breathalyser.

Drivers using mobile phones
will be 'text tested'

Drivers who put everyone in danger by texting while driving can now be found out.

This article in The Daily Telegraph advises there is a new device that operates like a breathalyser and can tell police if activities such as using Facebook and sending texts were carried out on the phone while the car was in motion.

Please drive safely and don’t use the phone while driving.

Read the full article here

Where to find Andatech's
safety and wellness products

Andatech’s Distribution site is the best place to find our wide variety of safety and wellness products.

Our distribution site includes Personal and Home Safety products such as our Advanced Driver Awareness Systems, Dash Cams, Jump Starters, Juicers and Security Cameras. The site also includes our wide range of Ionmax wellness products which include Air Purifiers, Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers, Heaters and Aroma Diffusers.

Visit the website now.

National Road Safety Week

National Road Safety Week is an annual initiative created by the Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) Group with an awareness program that includes events, safety meetings, memorials and displays of yellow ribbons, honouring those lives lost and pledging to make the roads safer for everyone.

Read more about NRSW here.

A leader in safety products such as personal and workplace breathalysers, Andatech is pleased to participate in and promote National Road Safety Week, which is taking place from 6-12 May.

This week, Andatech is giving away two personal breathalysers on social media promoting this important awareness week through yellow ribbons on staff and vehicles.

Visit Andatech’s social media pages for details during the week:

How to avoid having a
car interlock device

There are two types of BAC breathalysers you don’t want to get confused: a handheld personal breathalyser and an alcohol ignition interlock device.

It is recommended that the former is used so you don’t need the latter! This cost and imposition of having an alcohol interlock device are not a desired outcome for anyone.

Drivers must be under 0.05%BAC to drive. Our blog post explains what happens if you are caught driving at or over this legal limit.

Read the full article online.


NEW  Dash Cams
The most favoured reasons to install a dash cam are to protect your finances, your time and your personal property. That’s why Andatech’s new DriveSense Dash Cams are proving so popular.
Read the review online.

Far Infrared Heater
The arrival of winter signals two unpleasant issues — lack of solar warmth and higher heating bills — both of which can now be eased thanks to Andatech’s Ionmax Ray Heater.
Read the review online.

The essential ingredient
for a successful business lunch

Melbourne businessman, Peter Robinson, conducts a lot of business over lunch where he will consume beer and wine but he is always assured that he is under the legal limit of 0.050 BAC thanks to his personal breathalysers.

Yes, breathalysers plural. Robinson has them everywhere. In his office, in the glove box of the numerous cars he drives regularly and in his pocket when he goes out to lunch or dinner.

He’s also given personal breathalysers to all of his family, including his five children/step children.

“I’m happy to drive with alcohol in my system, but not happy to break the law,” Robinson said.

Robinson is CEO of The Butcher Club, which is owned by three families and has 18 locations across Victoria.
“I meet regularly with suppliers and this is nearly always over lunch,” he said.

“If I’ve had a few beers and a couple of glasses of wine, I will bring out my AlcoSense breathalyser and check my BAC every ten minutes to make sure I’m under the limit and it’s not going up, but coming down.

“I think about the TV show called RBT on Channel 9 where road police pull over drivers and test them for drugs and alcohol, with most being charged, fined and losing their licence. Why would you want to subject yourself to this when you don’t have to?”

Read the full case study online.