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December is the busiest month for anyone in retail and Andatech is no exception.

We encourage you to place orders early so you don’t miss out on getting your products delivered by Christmas.

It’s not often you get specials at this time of the year, but we are offering $100 off Marvel Air Purifiers. Check out the story in this issue of the Andatech Advocate and head over to the Andatech Distribution website to catch one at this price while you still can. The offer ends on 31 December.

With the festive season now upon us, you may be interested in the Christmas party traps article and also have a look at all the Drink-driving myths that have been busted to see what doesn’t work if you want to reduce your BAC before you drive.

The giveaway this issue is an AlcoSense Elite 3 breathalyser, so answer the simple question and be in the running to win.

I wish you and your family a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

Irwandy Tan

Christmas Party Traps

While most employees behave themselves at the work Christmas party, this isn’t always the case for other festive get-togethers.

Whether it’s with the local sports team, a girls’ night out, a boys’ night out, an extended family gathering or the seasonal catch-up with old friends or new friends, these celebrations usually involve having an alcoholic drink or two.

We all know that having a BAC of 0.05 or more and driving is a bad decision, not just because someone may get killed or injured, but you could lose your licence.

A much better option is to always carry and use a personal breathalyser so that at least half an hour before you plan to drive, you do a breath test and make sure you are under 0.05 (blood alcohol concentration).

However, you need to be aware that your BAC can continue to rise once you stop drinking alcohol, so it needs to be continuously tested every 10 minutes or so until you can see the level is going down and you are safe to drive.

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Employees need to comply with workplace drug and alcohol policy

It’s unusual these days for an employer not to have a workplace drug and alcohol policy.

A formal policy makes it clear to all workers what behaviour is acceptable.

Employees who are unfit for work due to alcohol or other drug use put themselves and other people in the workplace at risk of harm. Some industries prohibit workers from using any drugs, legal or illegal.

Australian businesses lose an estimated $6 billion annually due to substance use related productivity issues and 7.5% of hospital morbidity is related to alcohol consumption in the workplace.

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The Sneezin' Season is Still Here

$100 off Marvel air purifiers

The unpredictable weather is catching out many people who have hay fever, because pollen seems to still be affecting many people.

An air purifier is beneficial for hay fever sufferers as it can alleviate the symptoms considerably.

A range of Marvel air purifiers are on special until 31 December, offering $100 off the normal retail price, so it's a good time to buy one.

The advantage of using an air purifier is that as well as removing allergens, they can also efficiently remove dust, odours, fumes, pet hair, bacteria, viruses and a host of other unwanted contaminants.

That's why it's a great idea to have one in the home, at work and in the car. So if you buy a portable one with a USB port, such as the Marvel Air Purifier range from Andatech, you just need the one unit, which is compact and light enough to move from room to room and room to car.

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WIN an AlcoSense Elite 3

There’s no excuse these days for being “just a little bit over”.

 If your BAC reading is .05 you are deemed to be higher than the prescribed amount and could lose your licence. If you have a zero BAC licence, then just being 0.01 will see you fail.

 To help you keep within the law this festive season, Andatech is giving away an AlcoSense Elite 3 breathalyser.

To stand a chance of winning, click here to answer this question: What is the Australian Standard certification number the AlcoSense Elite 3 has certified for accuracy and reliability?

Did You Know?

There’s no fool-proof way to correlate how much you drink to what your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is.

It all depends on your body’s ability to absorb alcohol and this depends on many factors including body weight, sex, metabolism, age, how much you’ve eaten and when, and the type of food you’ve eaten.

The more you drink, the higher your blood alcohol level and the stronger the effect of the alcohol on your reflexes and decision making.

Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream where it is transported around the body until the liver can metabolise it. Larger people can be affected less, or more slowly, than smaller people. In a smaller person, alcohol is concentrated into a smaller area due to their smaller body mass, and so it has a greater effect.

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Drink Driving Myths Busted

This is a timely warning not to rely on unsubstantiated ways in which you can beat being caught by police if you are over the drink-driving limit.

From sucking a copper coin to drinking coffee, and eating a meal while drinking, the Chronicle Live in the UK has identified and smashed the myths that could land you in bother with the police.

It’s also worth knowing that in some states if you are sitting in the driver’s seat of a stationary vehicle with the keys in the ignition and the engine turned off, and over the limit, you can be charged.

King's Transport Uses Andatech for Alcohol & Drug Testing

Lindsey Borthwick, Safety Coordinator for Kings Transport in Western Australia, said Kings are nationally conducting dozens of drug and alcohol tests on drivers every week from its transport hubs using Andatech's testing kits.

“The Prodigy and DrugSense testing units are very easy to operate whether I'm out in the field at our depots or when I do the weekly training of new drivers to reinforce the importance of being free of alcohol and drugs," he said.

 "Our Safety Always culture is in place to ensure the safety of all stakeholders and is the utmost priority of our daily operations.

 "The drug and alcohol testing regime plays a vital role in this and we've found the equipment and supplies from Andatech are easy to use, accurate and cost effective.”

As well as providing quality alcohol and drug testing equipment, Andatech also provides outsourced on-site drug and alcohol services that have a NATA accredited lab, use certified collectors/testers and offer 24/7 on-site testing in all major cities in Australia, which is crucial when emergency and post-incident testing is required quickly.

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