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Drug Test Kits Hobart - Andatech

Stay safe and stay sober with our Andatech drug testing kits. Regardless of whichever region you are located at within Australia, we have you covered. Browse our online stores, or just give us a ring at 1300 800 200 for further details and information regarding our drug test kits and even our breathalyser range.


Committed to Quality

Our drug test kits are suitable for workplace testing

Tests up to 11 Drug Groups

Our drug test kits can detect up to 11 commonly abused drug groups. Check each model to find out.

Suitable for All Applications

Accurate and easy to use, our drug screening kits are suitable for both personal and workplace use.

Where to buy drug test kits Hobart

If you're ever in the Melbourne area, feel free to drop by our sales showroom, located at 9 Trade Place, Vermont, VIC. If you pop by, you can browse our drug testing kits, and even our full range of workplace and personal breathalysers. Our dedicated sales team will be more than happy to answer any queries that you may have in relation to our items! If you're not in the Melbourne are, have a quick browse through our drug testing kits from Hobart and WA here.  

On-site drug and alcohol testing services in Hobart

Give our team of experts a call at 1300 800 200 to find out more about our on-site drug testing services. Although we are headquartered in Melbourne, we have dedicated partners around the country offering on-site drug testing services. Regardless of whatever needs you have, such as regular drug testing, random drug testing, or even pre-employment testing- we will provide the solutions for you. We utilise both saliva drug tests and urine drug tests.

Where to sign up for a drug and alcohol testing course Hobart

We provide a workplace drug and alcohol testing course, which will grant you the nationally accredited certification, HLTPAT005- Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing. This will allow anyone who will be responsible for alcohol and drug screening or collection in the workplace the relevant credentials with a drug testing certification. It is also suitable for those wanting to learn more about the procedures involved with drug and alcohol screening. Contact us at 1300 800 200 for further details, or click the link below to find out more about our drug and alcohol testing course!

Get started with Andatech's Drug Testing Kits

Whether you're buying a drug test kit for yourself, a loved one, or for your workplace, Andatech's range of drug testing kits and our exceptional service is sure to meet and exceed your expectations. Let us help you find the best drug test kit for your needs.

Our breathalysers and drug testing kits are used and trusted by individuals and companies all around Australia and the world on daily basis. We've built our reputation on trust and reliability, and are proud to be the ongoing supplier for alcohol and drug testing equipment to hundreds of local and international organisations.

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