Hub Guide for Resellers

The Andatech Hub has been designed to be super easy to use and acts as a central location for all Andatech products, pricing, and orders. By shifting these processes online, we're helping to save time and costs, and make it more convenient for our resellers to access pricing and place orders. It also helps our sales and admin team process your orders faster, and allows you to check the progress of your order online at any time.

Our guide below helps you familiarise with how to get started with the Andatech Hub. You can skip to a specific section by clicking on the section titles below:


Logging In

If you are logging in to Hub for the first time, you would have received your login name and password in the email that we sent to you. Your login name should be a username only, not an email address.

After logging in with the password provided in the email, you can change your password to something more memorable. Go to the Changing your Password section below for instructions.

Once you've logged in, you can view details of your Account Manager on the right sidebar, and quickly access Your Pricing List.

Viewing Price List

You can view your Price List by clicking on the Your Pricing List module on your Hub dashboard, or clicking on Price List on the top menu bar.

Your Price List page will show the wholesale and quantity pricing on products available to you.

You can search for products and sort them by name, SKU or RRP using the fields in the blue menu bar.

You can view Retail Pricing for all other products by clicking on the Safety, Health or Others category below your current price list.

If you are interested in a specific product, you can contact your Account Manager to get wholesale pricing.

Submitting a New Order

To submit a new order, click on Order in the top menu bar. Then on New Order in the top right corner.

On the order page, you can use a previously saved address or edit to use a new address. You can copy the shipping details to the billing details using the button highlighted above.

Under Extra Information, you can put in your customer order or your own reference order, if you wish. Under email, you can put in any email addresses that you want - these email addresses will get any notifications or updates concerning this particular order. Separate additional addresses using commas (without spaces).

To add products to your order, start by typing in the name or SKU into the search field. Then select the product you would like to add, and it will appear in the Order Items table. Updating the quantity will automatically update the subtotals and freight costs.

To finish your order, click on the Review and Payment button. The next page will lead you to the Payment Options page, where you can select to pay with Credit Card, Purchase Order, or other options listed. You can also add notes that will be visible to the Admin team while processing your order.

Complete your payment options and then click on Submit Payment & Order to finalise the order. You will then be redirected to your Orders page, where you will be able to see the order you have just placed, along with any other orders you have placed in the past (see below).


Checking Orders

Click on Order in the top menu bar. All your orders submitted from Hub will be listed on this page.

Changing Account Details

Click on your username on the top right hand corner. Select My Details from the drop down menu. From there you can change your address, phone number, and company name.

Changing Your Password

Click on your username on the top right hand corner. Select Change Password from the drop down menu.

Your Account Mangaer

Click on Price List. On the right sidebar you will see details of your Account Manager at Andatech.

Terms and Conditions

Click on Price List. On the right sidebar you will see details of your credit terms with Andatech, and there will be a link to Terms and Conditions of being a reseller with Andatech.