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The DrugSense® DSO7 is a fast and compact saliva drug testing kit designed for easy self-administration. Users can collect their own saliva sample and view the results in the same test kit. Instructional diagrams on the product manual and packaging guide the user through each step. Results are ready within five minutes of sample collection and are shown clearly on the test cup.


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Fast and easy saliva drug test kit


Fast, easy testing...even on yourself

Sample collection and results in one compact kit

Clear results in 5 minutes

Helpful instructions on the packaging and manual

Get accurate lab results anywhere, anytime

The DrugSense DSO7's non-invasive method of testing and super compact packaging is perfect for drug testing.


Saliva drug test kit for schools, students and teachers

For teachers concerned about students or schools wanting to test staff


Home drug testing kit for parents

For concerned parents wanting to test their children


Drug testing kit for personal use

Test your driver or yourself before work or attending a pre-employment test / interview


Saliva test kit for clinics and hospitals

Test patients on-the-spot


Saliva drug testing for workplaces

Test employees quickly on-site or in the office


Saliva drug testing for law enforcement use

Test subjects immediately at the scene

Engineered for lab accuracy, designed for ease of use

Results accurate to 99%

Set to Australian Standards AS4760

Tests 7 drugs, including MDMA and the parent THC in marijuana, not the metabolites

The DrugSense DSO7 Saliva Drug Test Kits is one of the only kits on the market that tests for MDMA (ecstasy) and METH (Methamphetamine) separately. Apart from that, the DSO7 saliva kit also tests for the commonly abused illicit drugs - amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, marijuana (THC), and benzodiazepines.

Retail-ready for shelves

For packs of 6 and above, the DrugSense DSO7 drug test kits are available with point-of-sale packaging for displaying on shelves. Ask for the DrugSense drug testing kits at your pharmacy or chemist today.