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Oratect® III Saliva Test

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Tests 6 Drug Groups - THC COC METH AMP OPI BZO

Fast and easy drug testing without any mess. The Oratect® III Saliva Drug Testing Kit is designed to require a smaller saliva sample to activate the test and has lower cut-off levels, allowing you to detect more drug users efficiently.

With an easy one-step collection procedure, minimal oral fluid sample, and detecting six drugs of abuse, the Oratect® III Saliva Drug Testing Kit makes an excellent saliva drug testing kit for all applications.

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Less saliva sample required

The new Oratect® III Saliva Drug Test Kit is the only one-step saliva drug testing kit available. Uniquely designed to provide rapid results with a smaller saliva sample, the Oratect® III makes drug testing in the workplace faster and more efficient.

One-step collection

Using the Oratect® III is easy. Swab the inside of the mouth and cheeks until the blue line indicator appears - this indicates that a sufficient amount of saliva has been collected.

Then, cap the device and lay it flat. The results will show within minutes.

Easy to read

All strips have a control line to validate the results. The test results are easy to determine - a negative result is indicated by a line in the test result, whereas a positive result is indicated by the absence of a line in the test area.

Detects more drug users

The Oratect® III detects drugs at lower cut-off levels, making it more likely to detect a drug user.

It also helps to detect more marijuana users by detecting the parent THC molecule. In marijuana users, only the parent THC molecule remains in the mouth after smoking. The Oratect® III is able to detect the parent THC molecule even at low concentrations, making it much more likely to detect a marijuana user.

Eliminates cheating

Because the subject collects the saliva in the presence of the operator, every collection is an Observed collection. This eliminates any chances for specimen adulteration and substitution common to urine drug testing. Saliva testing also eliminates the same-gender requirement for observed urine drug testing, making it more convenient for workplaces to conduct drug testing.



  • The only one-step device available
  • Flow of blue lines indicate sufficient collection of saliva
  • Collection and testing in one integrated device
  • Increased drug detection levels
  • Two test configurations of 6 drugs
  • Rapid collection and testing: results in 5 minutes
  • User-friendly and non-invasive
  • Avoids gender observation
  • Reduces sample adulteration or contamination
Model No. DAS-03
Cut-Off Levels
Test Drug

Cut off Level

AMP - Amphetamine

25 ng/ml

COC - Cocaine Metabolites

20 ng/ml

METH - Methamphetamine

25 ng/ml

OPI - Opiates

20 ng/ml

THC - Cannabis 

40 ng/ml

BZO - Benzodiazepines

5 ng/ml

Specifications No

Oratect® III Saliva Drug Test Kit Brochure

Oratect® III Saliva Drug Test Kit Insert

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3 of 5 provided "invaild" results
Hi Adam, Thank you for your feedback. There could be a number of reasons why the test would be invalid. One of it could be an issue with the sample i.e. not enough saliva sample. Regardless, one of our team will contact you within the next day or two to assist you further on this matter.