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Sensor Management Plan For AlcoSense Zenith

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Zero down time on calibrations. Get a sensor shipped directly to you every 6 months!

A cost-effective and efficient solution to managing the sensor replacements of your AlcoSense Zenith breathalyser automatically, for one year.

We will set up your management plan and email you a confirmation within one business day.

*Available only to customers in Australia

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What is the Zenith sensor management plan?

It is a pre-paid, yearly subscription plan for owners of the AlcoSense Zenith breathalyzer.

It includes 2 calibrated sensors per year, shipped directly yo you.

The plans are cheaper and more convenient than buying the sensor manually every 6 months, and helps you to ensure that your breathalyser's accuracy is maintained.

What happens when I'm on the Zenith Sensor Management Plan?


Confirm your shipping address

A few weeks before your calibration is due, we will send you an email to confirm that your shipping address is still correct.

You just need to click a button in the email to confirm or update it.



We'll send you a calibrated sensor

Once you confirm your address in Step 1, we will mail out a calibrated sensor to you.

You just need to take out the old sensor from your unit and replace it with the new one we sent.

Why sign up for the Zenith Sensor Management Plan?

To maintain the integrity of your breathalyser, it needs to be calibrated regularly. However, we understand that you may not have the time or process in place to ensure that this is maintained up to standards. That is why we are offering you a breathalyser management solution to save you time and money.

With the convenience of the Zenith's replaceable sensor, we're making it extra easy for you by sending the sensors directly to you, instead of you calling us or visiting our website to buy a sensor when you need it every 6 months.


No need to set your own reminders every 6 months. No need to buy a sensor every time calibration is due. We send you the replacement sensor - you just replace it.


Our management solution is cheaper, more convenient and faster! A Zenith sensor on its own costs $45 each excluding shipping prices. Our plan's only $85 for 2 sensors including shipping!


Get a new sensor every 6 months when your calibration is due. This way you'll always have an accurate, reliable breathalyser.


Have your Zenith sensor replaced every 6 months from the date of purchase and we'll cover its warranty. Read more about the AlcoSense Guarantee.

How do I sign up for the Zenith Sensor Management Plan?

Step 1 - Please check that you fulfill all these requirements


You're in Australia

Our management plans are only valid for customers within Australia


You have a valid email address

We email the reminders and shipping labels to you!


You have an AlcoSense Zenith personal breathalyser with pressure sensor

Read below on what to check if you're unsure.

How to check if my breathalyser is the AlcoSense Zenith?

The AlcoSense Zenith breathalyser should have all of the following conditions:

1) The front of your breathalyser says "ZENITH BREATHALYSER" on top of the display screen.

2) On the back of the AlcoSense Zenith breathalyser, there should be a little square "door" on top with the word "SENSOR" on it.

Check the above to ensure that yours is an AlcoSense Zenith breathalyser.

This sensor management plan is only valid for the AlcoSense Zenith breathalyser, which has a replaceable sensor module.

If you have a different AlcoSense breathalyser, please go to: Calibration Management For Personal Breathalysers.

Step 2 - Check the type of sensor that you own

There are two types of replacement sensors available for the Zenith. To prevent us from sending you the wrong sensor, please follow the instructions below to conduct a simple check on your unit.






Where do I find the sensor!?

1) Turn to the back of your Zenith breathalyser


2) Open up the small door that says "SENSOR"


3) Pull out the sensor


4) Check the chipboard below for any noticeable wires (See images above for reference)


Step 3 - Complete the checkout process and wait for our confirmation emails

Be sure to complete all the fields requested before you checkout and to include your email address as well.

Once we've received your order, our team will set you up in our calibration management plan system within 24 business hours.

You'll get an order confirmation email from our website to confirm your purchase.

Then, within 24 business hours, someone from our team will email you to confirm that your management plan has been set up.

If any details are missing, we'll call or email you first.

Refer to the table below to compare the Zenith sensor management plan to the standard sensor purchasing procedure.


2 sensors per year ($45 per sensor)

Manual purchase every 6 months

Postage (~$15 per order)


No Plan






2 sensors per year

Automatically mailed out every 6 months*

Postage included


*Before we do, we'll email you to get confirmation that your address is still accurate.

1-Year Plan
/yr ($42.50 per sensor, including postage)

3-Year Plan
$229.50 ($76.50/yr or $38.25 per sensor, including postage)
$255 Save $25.50

5-Year Plan
$361.25 ($72.25/yr or $36.13 per sensor, including postage)
$425 Save $63.75

Frequently Asked Questions

What shipping method is used and how fast is it?

Australia Post Standard Registered eParcel Post is used.

Delivery times depend on your location. In general, Australia Post's delivery times are:

Sending to same state: 
Metro - up to 2 business days
Country - up to 5 business days

Sending interstate: 
Metro - up to 3-6 business days, depending on lodgement and destination points
Country - Please ask at your local Post Office


I don't know when I purchased or last calibrated it

That's okay! We don't really need the exact date.

We ask this question because if it was calibrated or purchased recently (within the last 6 months), then we won't send out the sensor for it until it's due. (We recommend calibration every 6 months from the date of purchase.)

So if it was NOT purchased or calibrated within the last 6 months, then we'll send out a new sensor to you right after your plan is set up.

I don't use email. Can I still go on a plan?

This will be a bit tricky! The whole idea of how easy the management plan is has to do with email, and we have to use the email method to confirm the your shipping address each time.

Unfortunately, we don't have a solution for customers without an email yet. However, if you can drop by our Vermont (VIC) office, then you can pick up the sensor yourself and save on shipping costs.

Just call us on 1300 800 200 or drop by our office if you have any questions.

What's the process if I don't sign up for a management plan?

You'd need to buy a new sensor every 6 months. Purchase it below.

Sold out

I just signed up for a management plan. What do I do now?

Awesome! You don't have to do anything until your next calibration is due.

Here's what usually happens after you buy a plan:

1) Order confirmation email - You'll receive an order confirmation email almost immediately in your email inbox. If you didn't receive this, please check your junk mail as system-automated emails sometimes end up there.

2) Successful setup email - Within the next business day, someone from our team will email you with a confirmation that your management plan has been set up. If you did not receive this after 2 business days, do let us know so we can check this for you.

3) Calibration due - Roughly 2 weeks before your calibration is due, we will send you an email asking you to confirm that your shipping address is correct. Once this is confirmed, we will send the calibrated sensor out to you.


- Calibration is due every 6 months, starting from the date of purchase or your last calibration date.

- Therefore, if your unit was calibrated or purchased MORE than 6 months ago, then we will send out a sensor to you under the management plan almost immediately after it's been set up.

- You do not have to do anything else to get a new sensor as this is done automatically for you for 2 calibrations in 1 year after you've signed up for a sensor management plan.

I've signed up but haven't received any emails from you?

Didn't receive order confirmation email:

Your email address might have been typed in wrongly or your order was not completed successfully.

Please contact us by phone or email with your details so we can sort this out for you.

Didn't receive setup successful email (after 2 business days):

We might be missing some information from you and were unable to contact you or haven't heard back from you. One of our team members would have contacted you via email, so do check your inbox from any emails from

Otherwise, please contact us by phone or email with your details so we can sort this out for you.

Didn't receive email asking to confirm my shipping details:

Your calibration might not yet be due, or the email landed in your junk or spam inbox (this happens sometimes as the email is system generated).

Please check your spam inbox and also whitelist our email address in your email provider settings.

Didn't receive shipping label email:

You have not confirmed your shipping details, or the email landed in your junk or spam inbox (this happens sometimes as the email is system generated).

Please check your spam inbox and also whitelist our email address in your email provider settings.

Will my subscription be renewed automatically?

No, it will not be renewed automatically.

Before your plan expires, we will send you an email asking you if you would like to renew your plan for an additional year.

If you do want to renew it, you can click the button in the email and complete the payment process.

(We do not keep your payment details for security purposes, so you will have to put in your payment details again).

I want to calibrate my unit earlier than the due date. Can I get a sensor sent to me now?

Please contact us either by email or by phone, then we will send out a new sensor to you under your management plan.


Still have questions?
Call us on 1300 800 200 or email to ask our friendly support team :)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Jamie W.
So easy to replace

Quick delivery and friendly customer service, handy to have a breathalyser you can swap the sensor over so quick and easily

J H.
Great service, website tails a bit clunky

I love the service for our device but the website/account log in isn’t very user friendly and it’s hard to get information about the service history of my device. Even so, their communication and customer service is great. I’ll continue to use them for sure!

Chris H.
Very happy

Very happy

Andrew H.
Zenith plus

A really good personal breathalyser that gives you very quick and accurate readings

Martin M.
Great piece of equipment

Great piece of equipment

Martin T.
Alcosense Maintenance Plan

No sensors have been delivered as yet - still waiting

Hi Martin,

We apologised the delay you faced with your sensor - as it was the Christmas period, we had higher than usual traffic. I believe Beverly from our team have assisted with you.
We hope to be able to serve you better in the future.

Rod C.
Service and postage was efficient

Service and postage was efficient

Scott L.

As I work in the mining business this grantees me that I am fit for my duties. Being that I can change the sensor to keep it correctly calibrated is such a bonus as I use it frequently

Lindsay R.
Good service

Good service

Gregory T.
Sensor Management for AlcoSense Zenith

Great instant email support and fantastic product/service. Highly recommended.