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AlcoSense Prodigy Breathalyser

AlcoSense Prodigy

Australian Standard AS3547 Certified and highly accurate. Learn how the Prodigy can help you with your workplace safety policy.

Rent a breathalyser

Rent a Breathalyser

Affordable monthly to yearly options to hire or rent a breathalyser for your workplace or venue. Find out more.

Breathalyser Training

Breathalyser Training

Get your staff trained on using our industrial breathalysers for proper workplace alcohol testing. Learn more.

breathalyser management

Breathalyser Management

Find out how to save costs and time by letting us manage your breathalyser calibrations.

AlcoSense Zenith+

The New AlcoSense Zenith+

Super fast results, zero down time between calibrations. Learn more about the new Zenith+ here.

AlcoSense Verity Breathalyser

New AlcoSense Verity

Get to know the fun and fresh Verity with fuel cell technology!

Alcosense Soberpoint II breathalyser

AlcoSense Soberpoint II

Australian Standards Certified, accurate and highly durable. Get this for your venue or work site now.

Breathalyser Calibration - Alcosense Client Services

Breathalyser calibration due?

Schedule a calibration online with the new Client Services.

Drug testing kits

Drug testing kits

Discover how our range of saliva and urine drug test kits can assist you in your workplace drug and alcohol policy.

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